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The Toyota Altis

There is no doubt the Toyota Altis is a classic vehicle. With its sleek and stylish design, as well as its practicality and user-friendliness, it’s definitely one of the best sedans available in the market today. And now that it’s on its 11th generation, it surely has more surprises in store for motorists and car enthusiast all over the world. Toyota has always committed itself to producing high-quality and long-lasting vehicles, and in the Altis, they did just that and more.


The Toyota Altis: A Short History

The first Toyota Altis rolled off the production line in Japan on November 1966 in the form of the Toyota Corolla E10. And like today's eleventh generation Toyota Corolla Altis, the E10 was smaller with its length of 3.8 meters, its width of 1.5 meters, and its height of 1.4 meters.

Through various modifications and improvements, the Toyota Corolla E10 grew in terms of size and quality, and during its ninth generation, the Toyota Altis came to be. Launched as a 2002 model in late 2001, it was an instant hit among motorists with its unique interior and exterior elements, which set it apart from other Toyota vehicles. From that point on, it was nothing but blue skies for this model and it’s still one of the most popular Corolla variants in Southeast Asia. Today, the Toyota Altis has 11 generations under its belt, each generation better than the last.


What Makes Toyota Altis Stand Out?

The Toyota Altis has a sleek and aerodynamic body and exterior. With its length of 4.6 meters, its width of 1.8 meters, and its headroom of 1.5 meters, passengers will have all the space they need to sit comfortably. It also has an aesthetically elegant design, and it comes in various colors like attitude black, dark brown mica metallic, white pearl, silver metallic and gray metallic.

The Toyota Altis also features a great interior, which varies depending on the model. When it comes to seats, the 1.6 models have high quality and cushy covered seats while the 2.0V models are lined with fine, sports leather covered seats. And when it comes to steering wheels, the 1.6E models are outfitted with 3-spoke urethane steering wheels while the 1.6V and 2.0 models have 3-spoke leather ones. Take note that all steering wheels manufactured by Toyota are outfitted with audio controls, allowing drivers to switch music easier. It also ensures safety with its electronic brake force distribution and brake assist system, and the dashboard is equipped with SRS Airbags to protect drivers and front-seat passengers in case of impact. And it has a rear window defogger and a rear bumper reflector to ensure the driver clear vision while on the road.


What are the Highlights of Toyota Altis' Performance?

The 1.6-model Toyota Altis is equipped with the 1ZR-FE Dual VVT-I, 4 Cylinder In-Line DOHC 16 Valve Engine, which makes it capable of up to 1598 cc worth of displacement as well as gives it its distinct purring sound. It has a maximum output of 122 Ps/6,000 rpm and a maximum torque of 154 Nm/5,200 rpm. And it’s the ideal Altis models for drivers who prefer manual transmission over automatic. The 2.0V model, on the other hand, has a Dual VVT-I 4-Cylinder In-Line DOHC 16 Valve ACIS Engine, which has a displacement capability of up to 1,987 cc. It has a maximum output of 145 ps/6,200 rpm and maximum torque of 187 Nm/3,600 rpm.

Both models have enough power to sustain drivers for those bad traffic situations and enough power to get them to their destination fast. And the ride itself would be so smooth that they won't even feel the rough, unpaved road or potholes along the way.


What Makes People Love Toyota Altis?

The Toyota Altis wouldn’t last 49 years in the market if there wasn’t a demand for it. In fact, a quick search on the internet would easily yield that the Toyota Altis is one of the best-selling vehicles of all time. With all the features it offers, the car is definitely worth every penny. Ask any owner about their Toyota Altis and they’ll rave to you how great of a vehicle it is. A sleek, stylish yet practical car, it’s perfect for newlyweds and for young, urban professionals.


How Much Does Toyota Altis Cost?

The cost of the Toyota Altis depends on customer preferences. The basic model, a 1.6E Manual Transmission, sells for Php 850,000. A bit higher up the line is the 1.6G Manual Transmission model, which is priced at Php 893, 000. Our automatic transmission 1.6G models start at Php 949,000 while the 1.6 V is priced at Php 1,013,000. Color change will cost an additional Php 15,000, bringing a total price of Php 1,028,000 (The white pearl colored Altis comes in at Php 1,230,000). And if a 1.6 engine isn't enough, it can be replaced with a 2.0V automatic transmission engine, leaving the total price of the Altis at Php 1,215,000.


Where Can I Buy a Toyota Altis?

With over 40 dealerships spread across the country, finding and buying a Toyota Altis (let alone a trusted Toyota Retailer) won’t be a problem. In Metro Manila alone there are 16 dealerships, including the multi-awarded Toyota Quezon Avenue. Customers can call them up at their trunkline (02) 554-2000. Or they can even visit the Toyota dealership in Quezon Avenue and check out the Altis itself. They are located on 728 Quezon Avenue, Quezon City, beside Puregold Jr.


Why Would a Toyota Altis Go On Sale?

For those who can’t afford the Toyota Altis at normal prices, don’t be dismayed! Toyota gives discounts in their vehicles from time to time to make sure that everyone can have them at reasonable costs. For more info about these sale offers as well as for the latest updates on promos, check out their website or call them through their contact numbers.

Toyota has been making the Altis for the past 15 years. This model is here to stay for the enjoyment of future motorists in the years to come.