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3 Tips for Extending the Life of Your Transmission

By marian on February 15th, 2017



Even if you drive a Toyota Fortuner, the Philippine traffic and driving culture might work the transmission out. But it is not a lost cause – there are many ways you can extend the life of your transmission.

Why is this important? Aside from safety, a damaged transmission can be very costly. Repairs usually require parts, or the whole thing, to be replaced. Instead of waiting for that to happen and burning a hole in your pocket, look to invest in your transmission and how to prolong its lifetime.


Check the Transmission Fluid

The transmission fluid is an important aspect of the transmission’s life span. Usually a car with low levels of transmission fluid or even dirty transmission fluid can spell trouble. Low levels can lead to your car overheating. This could cause serious damage to your car, so it is important for you to set aside some time per month to check whether the fluid is how it needs to be. Knowing the difference between healthy and dirty fluid is something you can learn on your own.

Regular Transmission Service

Have your transmission serviced every 30,000 miles. This, again, is something you can learn to do on your own. However it is still best to hire a professional to ensure everything runs smoothly. A serviced transmission is a healthy transmission! Make sure that all the parts of your transmission is working properly and what needs to be fixed or replaced can be done before major damage is done.

Check the Cooling System

The transmission is not the only component of your car you should have regularly serviced to maintain a good transmission. As you know, the greatest enemy of your transmission is heat. Check your cooling system at least once every two years.


Sometimes proper maintenance can be overlooked because of the initial cost. Many people surprisingly still take the risk of permanent damage to the car’s overall performance. This will cost more in the long run! As previously mentioned safety is also an issue, because you wouldn’t know when the transmission is likely to fail. Have your car and all its parts checked regularly by a professional to avoid accidents!

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