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Before Ignition: 3 Professional Tips for First-Time Car Buyers

By Vic on August 7th, 2015

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Deciding what car to buy for the very first time can be either a delight or a challenge, at times even both. In any case, it’s no small decision to make; it’s going to be the car you’ll drive, make your family and friends ride in, take to beautiful spots, and spend money for gas and repairs for, after all. So you have to choose wisely.

So, is it going to be a Toyota Altis or those Toyota Fortuner that’s popular in the Philippines? Well, before blowing your dough on a whip, take in the following tips first.

Spankin’ New or Ol’ Reliable?

People usually assume that when you want to buy something, it’s brand new. It can’t be helped; it’s always been the norm, even with cars. However, there are also those who buy used cars (either they’re frugal or collectors). Whether you’re the guy who wants a shiny new ride or a shiny old one, keep in mind that there are pros and cons in each choice.

Aside from that new car smell, there are many pros of buying a car that’s fresh from the production line. Since it’s new, it’s going to run really smooth, and it’d be highly unlikely for it to encounter any problems. There’s also that sense of pride and prestige of having a really smooth car. But of course, these perks and bragging rights come with a cost: a lot of money.

On the other hand, you can buy a pre-loved car for a quarter or even a fifth of a brand new car’s price. And mind you, many secondhand cars can still run really smoothly. However, unlike in new cars where you just go to an authorized dealer and make your pic, you have to be twice, thrice, or even four times more discerning in buying a secondhand one, as a lot of them already have a lot of defects. Purchase the wrong one and you’ll likely spend as much as the price of the car in repairs alone.

Think About Others!

Unless you’re James Bond or a billionaire, a convertible is very impractical. Besides, are you just going to let your family and friends walk while you and your paramour ride into the sunset? Point is, when buying a car, you should take note of how many people you’re going to regularly drive for, be they your family or friends.

Got a family of five? How about a small group of friends? A Toyota Vios should be a good idea. Want your aunts, uncles, cousins, and nieces to tag along? Then we highly recommend the Innova.

Parking Matters!

Vehicles occupy a lot of space. That’s why you should give thought to how much parking area you either already have or are able and willing to allot for the car you’re going to buy. After all, where are you going to park it? It’s pretty rude to do so on the street in front of your house. So before buying a Land Cruiser, make sure your parking space fits more than just a Wigo.

Before making that down payment, sticking that key into the ignition, and putting the pedal to the metal, put on your thinking cap first and take note of our tips. After all, it’s better to drive without any regrets.

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