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4 Basic Car Customization Tips

By marian on November 20th, 2015


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Although commercially produced cars, including the Toyota Fortuner from the Philippines, are designed for comfort, safety, speed, and power, they’re not exactly tailor-made for the specific wants and needs of every driver. Thankfully, cars can be customized to suit its owner’s preferences when it comes to looks, performance, and other important aspects.

So if you want your ride to be unique and the best it can be, have your car customized. And if you’re pretty new to this practice, then here are a few suggestions for your first-ever tricked-out whip.


Spoil Yourself and Wing It

If you’re a racing junkie or if you just like to make your car a bit cooler and give it a little better traction or speed, then you’ll find a spoiler or a wing on your trunk hatch to your liking. Spoilers are small, low fins, while wings are the tall, big ones.

The kind of spoiler you want for your car depends on the image you’re going after. If you want a simple visual upgrade that ups the coolness of your car without drawing too much attention, go for a spoiler. As an added bonus, it improves your speed a little. On the other hand, if you want heads turning whenever you pass, get yourself a wing. Just don’t forget that whichever you choose to have, you’re not on a racetrack.


Customize Seats

The seats that are built within a vehicle are ergonomic in design. Nevertheless, if you don’t find them comfortable or aesthetically pleasing enough, then you can always replace them with ones that suit your taste or change the covers. After all, driving is a lot more enjoyable if your seats look and feel better.


Upgrade Car Hardware

We live in the digital age, and almost everything involves computers. Yes, even cars. That is why if you want better performance without doing a major upgrading of parts, then you can just choose to upgrade the software version of your ECU – shorthand for engine control unit – instead. The programming of the ECU dictates the performance of the different parts of the engine, so upgrading its software can do the following improvements: add power, increase redline, improve throttle response, and modify torque curve.

Do note, however, that upgrading your software can only improve performance to a certain degree; major software upgrades require “hardware” upgrade, which are car parts, as well. In addition, be careful when upgrading, as the wrong software upgrade can wreck your engine. So when you go for an ECU upgrade, make sure that you see an expert.


Go Rimming

No matter how powerful your engine is, how shiny your body is, or how cool your spoiler is, your car won’t be able to move an inch without the wheels. And while all cars come with wheels upon purchase, you may want to get aftermarket wheels if you want better handling.


Don’t misunderstand – cars that are fresh from the dealer are already comfortable enough and can already perform superbly as they are. Nevertheless, a customized car will definitely feel and drive better than one that’s not customized.

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