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4 Tips on Keeping Your Car in Tip-Top Shape during the “Ber” Months

By Vic on August 14th, 2015

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toyota auris in the rain

The “Ber” months are coming, starting this September. And with these months come torrential rains and cold weather, which somewhat means bad news for your sweet ride as the elements can potentially ruin its luster.

So whether you’re a proud owner of one of those Toyota Wigo’s that’s popular in the Philippines or a fan of the Toyota Fortuner, it’s best if you take the necessary precautions in order to preserve and maintain your car’s good looks. Read on below to know a few tips.


Check the Headlights

2009 toyota rav4 base

Because of the dark and gloomy weather and the upcoming December solstice (when nights are longer than mornings), you need to make sure that your headlights are brighter than ever.

If your headlights aren’t as bright as they used to be, change them. In case you don’t know how, you can either surf Google, Wikihow, or YouTube for some how-to’s. And if the headlights are starting to have a yellow discoloration, you can either have it professionally restored (if you have money but little time) or get a non-abrasive polish with a foam pad and start rubbing away.


Clean the Wipers


One of the biggest issues you’ll face when driving during rainy seasons is visibility. It’s hard to see what’s directly ahead of you when heavy rains are pouring down your windshield. Oh sure, cars have wipers in place so that they can do their eponymous job.  But due to constant use and exposure to rainwater and dust particles, wipers deteriorate.

To prevent this from happening, you should regularly clean your windshield, as well as wash the rubber squeegees of the wipers to get rid of any dirt or oil stuck in them. Also, if you notice that your wipers has begun squeaking, smearing, or streaking against the windshield, then it’s time that you have it replaced.


Avoid Flooded Areas

American flood sign with rising water level illustration
American flood sign with rising water level illustration

Aside from hellish and heavy traffic, perhaps the worst road problem in the Philippines during rainy seasons is flooding. That’s why as soon as the Ber months come, you’d better be up to date on which routes are safe from the flooding. Do some research, ask people, always tune in to the radio, TV, and the internet for the latest traffic news. This could save you and your car from being stranded, soaked, and sent to the repair shop.


Inspect the Tires


Whether or not you’re in the “Ber” season, you should take good care of your tires. However, in the rainy season, you need to go an extra mile or two to do so. This is because roads are a lot more slippery during this time of the year, which could potentially cause your car to skid.

To prevent this from happening, make sure that your tires have a tread depth of at least 2mm. In addition, you should also regularly check your tire pressure, as rubber has the tendency to soften whenever it comes in contact with water.


With the “Ber” months merely days away, it’s best if you and your car are ready. After all, your ride is an investment too huge and important to leave in the mercy of the elements.


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