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4 New Year Promos to Avail for the Philippine Toyota Wigo

By maigne on January 26th, 2018

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4 New Year Promos to Avail for the Philippine Toyota Wigo

What are the best new year promos to avail for the Philippine Toyota Wigo?

  1. Huge Discounts
  2. New Accessories
  3. Customization Perks
  4. Improved Engine Performance


The new year has brought us a lot of cool things to cherish and relish in! In the Philippines, the Toyota Wigo and other new and updated cars introduced in the market are some of the many causes for celebration in the entrance of 2018! Speaking of the Philippine Toyota Wigo, another reason to celebrate are the numerous promos coming your way —and when it comes to the new year, new things are guaranteed to make an early impact!


HUGE Discounts

Gift-giving season isn’t over just because Christmas and New Year has come and passed. This is especially true when it comes to this year’s edition of the Philippine Toyota Wigo. Keep a keen eye on some of the best bargains in the automobile industry – as a service to fans of this model, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to avail the Philippine Toyota Wigo with discounts throughout the year!

New Accessories and Updates

Just when you thought technology couldn’t possibly be improved further, there are new gadgets and accessories introduced for cars each passing year. With that said, one of the biggest factors in any new year promo for the Toyota Wigo are new accessories, updates, and other freebies that can go along with the car upon purchase. That’s one way to get a bang for your buck

Customization Perks

Another indicator of a great discount on one of the Philippines’ most iconic and recognizable cars, as well as an indicator of a great deal, is the inclusion of customization options such as the seat covers . Not only are you getting a very functional car, you can also customize it exactly in the way you want. which makes any deal you secure for this car all the more worth it! 

Improved Engine Performance

Of course, the engine is definitely the most important part of a car, and the 2018 Toyota Wigo has definitely received a substantial boost on engine performance! In addition to the increased horsepower, it now comes in two variants: 4-speed automatic and 5-speed manual transmission. The Toyota Wigo this 2018 can be the best and memorable experience you can have for the new year!


Key Takeaway

There are numerous other promos to consider when availing for a Philippine Toyota Wigo! Nonetheless, getting a new car like the Wigo for the new year can be the best way to celebrate the exit of 2017 and the entrance of 2018 into your life! Happy new year indeeed!

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