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4 Road Trip Tips for New Toyota Vios Owners

By marian on January 13th, 2016


During the holidays, we love to gift our loved ones with precious surprises. And there is no doubt that the best kinds of gifts are ones that are practical. One practical gift that you can give a loved one is a Toyota Vios here in the Philippines. Cars in general are advantageous gifts, especially if the commute from your house to your workplace is long and expensive.

road trip

If you are lucky enough to be presented with a car last holidays, make sure to use it wisely this year. Before going back to work, though, make the most out of your vacation by going on a final road trip. Here are a few tips that you need to take note of, before embarking on your adventure:


Make a Flexible Plan

Before going on a road trip, make a plan. Plot where you want your final destination to be, as well as the places where you plan to spend the night. You can also set a specific number of driving hours to ensure that all of you – including the designated driver – will get proper rest every day to make the road trip enjoyable for everyone. Despite this, make sure that the plan is flexible enough to accommodate heavy traffic and unexpected stops. Aside from that, though, don’t include anything else in your plan. Instead, wander around and make exciting and remarkable experiences in the company of your friends or family.


Pack Your Things and Prepare Your Toyota Vios

Essentially, you’ll be homeless for the duration of your road trip. Instead of a house, you’ll be spending majority of your time goofing off with your family or friends inside your Toyota Vios. Make sure that you and your car is prepared. List down the things that you will need to pack for your trip, and don’t forget to include the basics like a first aid kid, water bottle, and some crackers. Also, make sure that your Toyota Vios is prepared by installing necessities like sun blockers or even a GPS.


Keep Your Luggage Light

You’ll have to take a few things with you as you set out on an exhilarating road trip. Despite this, remember that it’s important to keep your luggage light. As you go on with your trip, you’ll find a lot of interesting things that you would want to buy. After all, Filipinos are fond of pasalubong. Where will you pack all those souvenirs if your luggage is taking up most of your trunk’s space? Make things easy for you and your company by packing a light luggage so that you can fit as many souvenirs as you want.


Make New Friends

You probably won’t know the areas you’ll be visiting very well. Good thing you can chat up that ice cream vendor by the sidewalk or the cashier at that local store. They can tell you all you need to know and more regarding the place that you are currently visiting. Just be cautious when conversing with these people and make sure not to reveal any personal details like the place you’re currently staying at, for example.

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Memorable moments are born when you are in the company of the people you love. Before going back to work, set out on one of the many unforgettable road trips you’ll be having for the year 2016. Take note of the tips above and have a safe trip!


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