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4 Tips for Buying a Sports Car

By Vic on September 13th, 2016

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In the Philippines, the Toyota Vios has definitely become one of the most popular cars among drivers. The Vios is compact and offers the most convenience compared to other sedans. More importantly, it is very affordable and perfect for beginner drivers.

Others who are more experienced and want something more powerful, those who can afford it opt for a high-performance sports car. The process of actually going out to select which one to purchase can be intimidating because of the steep price, high costs of maintenance, and the insurancepremiums. There is added pressure about shelling out so much money for something you’re not sure will work well for you. To avoid making the wrong choice, here are 4 tips for selecting a suitable sports car for you:


Find What Fits Your Lifestyle

Keep in mind that a sports car will require regular maintenance and in effect is a long-term financial commitment. It is not ideal for running daily errands like running to the mall, taking the kids to school, or going to work. There are sports cars with enough seating for four people, but they are still smaller compared to the conventional car. This makes them not so appealing especially if you are regularly transporting more than two people, especially on road trips.

Check the available insurances

A sports car can be more expensive to insure for various reasons, among these being that they are more expensive to replace, high-priced parts are expensive to repair, and they are more likely to be targeted by thieves. Many first-time buyers become disappointed if they can’t find an insurer willing to charge a reasonable premium. To keep costs from skyrocketing, avoid modifications, reduce your mileage, and plan in advance how to keep your car secure.

Choose between front and rear-wheel drive

Unlike its ‘normal’ counterpart, sports cars provide a different experience to the driver. Most sports cars are rear-wheel drive, meaning they offer sharper steering, handling, and an improved performance. So if you are used to the conventional car, learning how to not over-steer is something you have to get used to.

Another thing to take into account is the car’s ride quality. Automakers usually firm up the suspension and add bigger tires in order to improve a car’s handling. This usually results in a not-so comfortable ride on certain roads. Try to experience driving over a few bumps in your town or on the highway before making a purchase.

Decide on the Type

As mentioned above, your preferences and lifestyle will help you decide on the type of sports car you want. If you plan to use the car for everyday driving and can afford the high maintenance and running costs, go for a sports sedan. Sports cars typically come in the form of coupes or roadsters so choose the one that will fit your needs.


As thrilling as these cars can be in terms of looks, speed, and power, sports cars require a lot from their drivers. However, if you are determined and knowledgeable enough, you will be able to enjoy your sports car and the perks it offers.

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