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The Definition of Classic: 4 Toyota All-Time Masterpieces

By marian on May 14th, 2015


Classic is defined as having been deemed to be of the highest quality over time. With that in mind, it is no wonder many of Toyota’s cars, a company known for its history of producing impressive automotives, are considered to be classics. It isn’t a stretch to say that modern gems like the Toyota Vios and the Toyota Altis in the Philippines will be considered classics 30 years into the future.

To prove that Toyota has indeed created all-time classics, here are a few examples.

toyota supra

Toyota 2000GT

Did you know that only 351 of these models were ever made from 1967-1970? This limited edition vehicle was made famous after it appeared in You Only Live Twice, a 1967 James Bond film. The model used was a modified topless automobile with tonnau covers, something that was done exclusively for the film to accommodate then-Bondman, Sean Connery who is 6’2 tall. It is the favorite Bond car of current Bond actor, Englishman Daniel Craig. In addition to this, its sleek design and great road performance proved to its rivals that Toyota can create a sportscar that is on par – and maybe even better – than its European rivals. One unit of this vehicle can sell as much as 1.7 million dollars in an auction.

toyota supra

Mark IV Supra IT (Fourth Generation)

For 24 years, the Toyota Supra reigned in the auto industry. It underwent numerous changes and numerous generations, but the one that most experts agree to be the cream of the crop is the fourth generation Mark IV Supra IT. Also called the MKiv, it is one car model that a lot of car collectors seek. This model was officially made public during the 1993 Chicago Motor Show, and has since been making car lovers swoon. It gained even more prominence after being featured in on one of the best known car films of all time, “The Fast and The Furious”.

toyota land cruiser

Land Cruiser FJ40

Most people do not realize is that Toyota manufactured vehicles during the Korean War to answer the need of the United States for vehicles. What they manufactured was a 4×5 Sports Utility Vehicle called the Land Cruiser. It was not until 1954 that it was officially renamed from Toyota Jeep BJ to Land Cruiser. The first land cruisers produced had a structure that would not be changed for almost 20 years. Many thought of it as well built, and it was considered as one of the bestselling Toyota models over the years. The last FJ40 model was made in 1984, 24 years after its conception. Until today, the Land Cruiser is being produced worldwide, showing to the world that it can withstand the test of time.

1985 toyota celica gt-s

Toyota Celica

Great potential was seen in more than one generation of Celicas. After all, Celica has demonstrated why it was made for 36 years, ending its run in 2006.

Perhaps the most prominent Celica models are the following:

The first and the original first generation Celica – released in 1970, it was robots that put together the vehicle. Its economical price and similar look to American muscle cars had many lining up to purchase this vehicle.

The fourth generation Celica – manufactured in 1985, this vehicle was lauded by many, especially when it won second place in the manufacturer’s championship and Carlos Sainz won the 1990 World Rally Championship with this car.

These vehicles are the best among the best, which is why they are considered classics today. Take care of your Toyota car; you may not know it yet, but it might be considered a classic vehicle in the future.

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