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4 Ways You Can Benefit from Carpooling

By marian on October 6th, 2016



The grueling every day commute is part of every person in the Philippines. Toyota Altis is one of the cars being used by those who invest in Uber, the popular transportation network. Uber also has a carpooling option. Many people are choosing to carpool because it’s easier and cheaper, but cheap fares aren’t the only reason why people carpool. If you’re having second thoughts on joining or even starting a carpool, here are some points to convince you.


Carpooling reduces your carbon footprint.

A carbon footprint is a term that indicates how much carbon is released by the provision of services or the activities done by humans. This includes a person’s every day commute or when someone uses their car to go anywhere. Cars emit smoke which contain carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. If you carpool together with several other people, that’s a few more cars out of the streets at least for that day. Carpooling is a small way for you to help the environment and help lessen pollution.

Carpooling can save you money.

It can save you money not just on the budget you have for commute fare, but also for gas and the car maintenance. The gas and the maintenance only falls on the owner of the car. If you are paying to be in the carpool, then the owner can get the gas and maintenance budget from the collective fare charged from you and others.

Carpooling can give you productive commute time.

If you drive to work, you can’t do anything but drive to work since driving needs your complete attention. If you carpool (or use public transportation) you can use that time during the journey to check emails, rest, listen to music, or even read a good book you want to catch up on.

Carpooling reduces the number of cars on the road.

Fewer cars on the road means less traffic. If you and the five other people you carpool with all took their own cars to work, that’s six more cars on the road adding to the traffic congestion.

Carpooling can be done in workplaces where many people might live in the same vicinity, or in colleges and universities that are far into the city. Not only will carpooling save you money, but it can also save the environment by creating less air pollution, give you more time that you can use, and help ease the traffic congestion and lessen the crowd on the road. Carpooling with many other people can save you thousands of pesos a month on commute fares. It can also be a fun way to make new friends if you ride with the same people every day.

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