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Absolutely Positive: 5 of the Best-Reviewed Toyota Models of the Past Decade

By marian on May 26th, 2015


The Toyota marquee is so popular internationally that you can see their cars virtually everywhere. For example, the Toyota Fortuner in the Philippines is one of the country’s most commonly seen SUV’s. Aside from the Fortuner, other models like the Vios, the Altis, and the Innova are popular, too.

As a well-known Japanese automobile manufacturer, Toyota has brought us some of the best cars we see on the road today. Not only are these rides reputed to have superb record in terms of durability and reliability, they’re also renowned for their refined design. Below are just some of the Toyota models that have made headlines over the past ten years.

toyota gt86

GT-86 (2012)

Also known as the Scion FR-S, the Toyota GT-86, alongside the Subaru BRZ, is one of the most adored and loved cars in the automotive press today. Practically everybody who obsesses over horsepower figures as well as enthusiasts who drive only Forza 4 vehicles would disagree, as the car only features a 200-Hp boxer. However, this also makes the GT-86 faster and more fun to drive since the boxer allows for a low center of gravity and perfect dynamics.

toyota aygo

Aygo (2005)

The Aygo is the product of a collaboration between Toyota and PSA Peugeot Citroën. As the first-ever A-segment Toyota model, it’s simple and fun to drive. It also sports a 1.0-liter VVT-I petrol engine with the capability to return up to 65.7mpg combined cycle economy, making it really fuel-efficient. Its popularity in Europe is such that by July 2014, over 300,000 Aygos found their way in garages all over the continent.

toyota hilux

Hilux 7th Generation (2005)

Practical and reliable, the Hilux is the number one pick-up truck choice for farmers and contractors all over the world. Compared with the Tacoma, the Hilux sports a ladder frame that makes it look more rugged and cooler.


Land Cruiser 200 Series (2008)

A lot of people wrongfully under-appreciate the Land Cruiser SUV, regarding it more like a Mother’s Day special vehicle than anything else. In reality, though, this truck features a V8 engine and a locking differential and skid plates, making it more powerful than it looks. It’s most recent version, the 200 Series, has all the capabilities of its predecessors plus more, able to keep up with or even surpass the performance of the Land Rover.

fj cruiser 2014 toyota

FJ Cruiser (2014)

During the debut of the FJ Cruiser, Toyota made a statement saying that the SUV would only be a one-generation vehicle. Still, this stinging comment did not hinder in any way this sweet ride’s performance. There’s virtually nothing bad you can say about it, except perhaps that it’s a really thirsty beast (But, hey, all off-roaders are!). And several years and zero redesigns later, people are still clamoring to get a good deal to have their own FJ Cruiser!

With its superb vehicles and top-of-the-line services, Toyota models are definitely a compelling choice if you want to own a ride that will last long. So what are you waiting for? Better go to the nearest Toyota branch now and check out some of the set of wheels available there!

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