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Start the Ignition! 5 Most Practical Toyota Models for First-time Owners

By marian on May 28th, 2015


Nothing compares to that exciting feeling of getting a car for the very first time in your life. However, there’s one worry you probably have, and that’s having little or no idea about what car you’re going to get. It could even seem like an endless goose-chase—you go sorting out different brands and types of cars all at once. Thankfully, Toyota can be where your hunt ends. After all, the brand’s impressive models cater to a wide range of buyers. Just check out the Toyota Vios in the Philippines for example.

To help out first-time car owners like you, we here at Toyota have cThe 5 Most Practical Toyotas for the First-time Ownerreated a list of our models that are most fit for your tastes and needs. There’s no need to freak out anymore — just read on to find out more.

toyota vios philippines 2015

Toyota Vios

If there is one fabulous subcompact sedan-type of car that first-timers will decide to get for themselves, it’s the Toyota Vios. This baby, which is the big version of the Yaris, has optimized 2NZ-FE and 1NZ-FE engines and improved internal systems for a more seamless road performance. It exhibits the ‘luxury-sport’ design that makes it stand out from competitors with the same type. Its simple yet sophisticated appearance is suitable for new car owners.

toyota wigo john lloyd

Toyota Wigo

The Toyota Wigo is one of the best compact cars in its mini-hatchback line. It’s quite unbelievable that the Yaris is small but very spacious inside. It is efficient and economical—perfect for those who are on a tight budget but don’t want to compromise quality.

toyota yaris

Toyota Yaris

Also a member of the mini-hatchback family, the Toyota Yaris is quite similar to the Wigo in terms of features; they just vary a little in size. This car lives up to its principle “easy to own, easy to drive and easy to enjoy”. It has a no-fuss interior according to reviews from buyers, and they totally loved the way they had a great driving experience with it. And despite having great equipment The Wigo is reasonably priced.


toyota corolla 2015

Toyota Corolla

The Toyota Corolla is undoubtedly the best-selling nameplate of all time. Its 2015 model is sure to give other car brands a run for their money. Its modernized version includes upgraded safety features and fuel-save technology which surely bring out the adventurous driver in you. It is made for long trips and fun road trips with family and friends.

Toyota Avanza

Toyota Avanza

If it’s your hobby to hit the road with a bunch of people every once in a while, the Toyota Avanza would be the perfect choice. It is built for hour-long drives and out-of-town trips that require a lot of interior space for equipment and other packed things. In addition, the Avanza has a high-tech look that exceeds beyond the conventional standards that are often set for minivans and Sport Utility Vehicles.

Picking the perfect car for you can really be quite tough—especially if it’s your first time to buy one and you have a lot of expectations in mind. Therefore, you have to remember is to always take into consideration safety over style – qualities Toyota cars possess. If you can’t take our word for it, try it out for yourself! Happy car hunting!

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