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A Jolly Time: Decorating Your Cars for The Holidays

By Vic on December 28th, 2015

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Filipinos love to decorate during the holidays. It seems as if no place is off limits when it comes to decorating, as houses, streets, and parks are decked with colorful and bright ornaments. Some people even decorate their cars! So if you missed the chance to decorate your Toyota Innova in the Philippines last year, don’t worry. It’s never too late to start learning the different ways to make your transportation festive for the holidays.

xmas bells

With the new year comes a new set of resolutions. So make sure to include decorating your car for the holidays in your to-do list this year. To help you, here are some tips on designing your car for the holidays.


Dress Up Your Car

People love to dress up babies and pets during important occasions. But did you know that you can also dress up your car? Dressing up your car is one of the many ways you can decorate your vehicle for the holidays.

There are different famous Christmas characters that you can turn your car into. For instance, with some antlers and a round, red nose, you can turn your Toyota Innova into Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer for the holidays!


You can also order elf hats and an elf face online to turn your car into a Christmas elf. Or if you want, you can buy your car a Santa beard to turn it into Santa Claus himself.


Hang Up Some Lights

One famous Christmas decoration is lights. Next holiday, don’t just use Christmas lights to brighten up your home. Hang it around your car as well! Look for battery-powered lights that you can drape around your Toyota Innova in celebration of the merry occasion.

Glowing lights in the dark.

But beware when using lights for your car! Although this is a great way to make your vehicle look festive, this might not be allowed in some areas. Your homeowner’s association or city might deem your lights too distracting for other drivers on the road. So make sure to ask for permission first before draping lights all over your Toyota.


Put Traditional Decorations

If dressing up your car or battery-powered lights might be too much for you, there are far simpler decorations that you can put in your vehicle. Just hang a wreath in your car or put a giant ribbon in front. This way, your vehicle will look festive without gathering too much attention.

If you plan on doing this, just remember to mind the size of the wreath that you will be hanging in your car. Make sure that it’s not big enough to prevent proper engine cooling.

xmas deco

Place Interior Decorations

There are other ways to decorate your car without designing the vehicle’s exterior – like putting some baubles inside your Toyota Innova. Hang garlands in your rear view mirror or decorate your dashboard and seat backs with little ornaments like a mini Christmas tree. Just make sure that the decorations you put up will not obstruct your view when driving.


There are different ways to decorate your Toyota Innova for the holidays. Each of the options above will surely help display your Christmas spirit. But remember that more than decorations, what matters the most is your attitude on the road. Be patient when driving to avoid accidents especially during the holiday season.


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