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4 Advantages of Regenerative Braking

By maigne on June 9th, 2020

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What are the advantages of regenerative braking?

  1. Optimized Fuel Economy
  2. Friction-based braking
  3. Prolonged Battery Charging
  4. Improved Brake System Usage


Vehicles involve a lot of kinetic energy. Brakes are applied to slow down your car and all that energy has to go somewhere. For your hybrid car to safely brake, regenerative braking systems are applied to capture this energy. The energy is then used to charge the battery for efficient driving. Here are the other advantages of regenerative braking.


Optimized Fuel Economy

Gas for your car is getting more expensive as time goes by. It also contributes to a lot of pollution in the environment when you drive. Commuting is an option but driving is much more convenient and comfortable. You need a car with a system that’s meant to improve your driving and your fuel consumption. This is where hybrid vehicles excel. Your hybrid vehicle already has a system built in to improve your fuel economy. This includes a brake system that can dramatically improve how you use your fuel and how much you’re using it. Instead of relying on energy created by burning fuel, kinetic energy is used to power up the vehicle.


Friction-based braking

Friction-based braking

With regenerative braking, friction is also involved. It’s the most commonly used method for modern vehicles. The inclusion of this is for the purpose of creating energy to recharge the electric batteries of the hybrid car. Hybrid cars use regenerative brakes by driving the motor in reverse motion. As soon as one steps on the pedal, the electric motor is placed in reverse. This will cause it to run backwards. This action slows down the wheels and acts as a power generator for the battery. The friction brakes will then act as a backup in case the regenerative brake is lacking the power to stop the vehicle. These two work hand in hand to ensure that your vehicle’s brakes function properly and run safely.


Prolonged Battery Charging

Now that the energy is being produced by the regenerative brakes, it is then used to recharge the battery of the vehicle effectively. Normally, conventional vehicles will lose this energy while driving. It’s wasted away instead of being repurposed. When you’re driving your hybrid vehicle, you’re charging the battery while using it. This makes it convenient and directly contributes to the improved fuel economy mentioned earlier.


Improved Brake System Usage

Improved Brake System Usage

When you use your conventional vehicle, the brake system can wear down over prolonged use. If you happen to use your vehicle frequently every day, for long hours, it can take a toll on your car. The regenerative braking system reduces this wear and tear. It uses an electric drive train within your car to optimize the braking system to reduce wear on your brakes. Conventional, standard vehicles that use friction brake systems with no backup don’t have this functionality.


Key Takeaway

The advantages of regenerative braking are already built-in with your hybrid car. If you’re looking for an improved driving experience, this is the way to go. These new hybrid cars promote fuel economy and sustainability. These qualities are guaranteed to attract many drivers who desire to save money on gas and maintenance.

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