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All About the Lexus LFA

By Vic on September 29th, 2016

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As a car manufacturer, Toyota has provided the world with great innovations when it comes to automobiles. Take for example Toyota Innova in the Philippines is considered as a recommended option for family cars. One of their greatest creations is the Lexus LFA; get to know all about the two-seater sports supercar here.


What is the LFA?

Toyota created the Lexus brand, wherein cars are considered luxurious and high-tech compared to the original brand. The vehicles are upgraded at the price of, well a higher selling price, with a guaranteed improved performance.


What does the LFA mean?

The literal translation of the acronym is Lexus Future Advance. The car from the brand Lexus is the second model from the F marque mark of performance automobiles, as well as the IS F. The LF series, however, were developed during the early 2000s but the first LF-A concept was constructed around 2005, with the finalized 2nd LF-A completed interiors and exteriors by 2007 then was developed later on only until 2012. A total of only 500 Lexus LF-A’s were created all around the world. The final version was a Nürburgring Package model.


How great is the LFA?

The very first LFA concept was introduces in the North American International Auto Show in Detroit Michigan which comprised of a body comparable to the Porsche 911 Turbo.

The next concept car was created around 2007 the exteriors of the vehicle were made from aluminum to a carbon fiber tub then a V10 engine and a hybrid version as well. Once the LFA was finalized, it was used to drive in the famous Nürburgring with just an average lap record of 7:24 seconds.

By the next year, a roadster version of the LFA concept car was made, it has a 5.0 L engine with 500 horsepower and an ability to have a speed of around 320 km/h.

The last and final LF-A was created in 2009, with the aim to challenge other famous super cars such as the Lamborghini Gallardo, Porshe 911, F430, and the Chevrolet Corvette.


When will the new one be released?

As of February 2016, the creators of the supercar revealed to have no intentions of producing a new version of LFA anytime soon. However, there are rumors surfacing that a new one will be on-going production by the year 2019. It will allegedly premiere in the Tokyo Motor Show, just like its predecessors.  The new generation may contain a 3.7 liter V8 and around 800 horsepower with a 240 horse-bump, but the two cylinders and 1100 cc of displacement will disappear. There are no claims.

However if this does become a reality, people definitely are sure to look forward for this outstanding performance car. The Lexus LFA is one of the best supercars out there and people would want to see more on production soon, to own one to drive or see them roaming around the big roads out there.

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