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Auto FaceLift: What’s New with the Upgraded Toyota Vios?

By maigne on October 15th, 2017

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Auto FaceLift: How Does the Upgraded Toyota Vios Look?

What can we expect from the looks of a refreshed Toyota Vios?

  1. It’s got a new look for the front end
  2. It’s got alloy wheels
  3. It’s got chrome door handles
  4. Its bumper is fitted with LED tail lights
  5. It comes in different color schemes


There’s no other car that’s a staple for Filipinos than a Toyota Vios in the Philippines. There’s just something about this car that makes it a great choice for drivers to get around the city or province. The Vios is also a great base for installing any upgrade, gadget, or equipment to place in the car’s arsenal.

Now that it’s 2017, the Toyota Vios has officially gotten the upgrade it deserves. If you’re wondering what’s new about it, here are some of the best ways to describe this year’s awesome vehicle:


It’s Got a New Look for the Front End

When it comes to new appearances, as well as the kind that really entices the eyes of every car-lover in the Philippines, the Toyota Vios comes with a new look for the front end. Instead of the usual chrome grille that connects the headlights with one another, this car sports a new, reshaped bumper that completely connects the headlights to the front end. They’ve also been reshaped for this particular model, adding the ‘sporty’ look add to its charm.

It’s Got Alloy Wheels

When it comes to maximum safety for the wheels, the Philippine Toyota Vios for this year can definitely ensure protection at its finest, especially with the new alloy wheels this car comes equipped with. Not only are they shiny, they’re also built to endure the longest of travels, with proper maintenance of course.

It’s Got Chrome Door Handles

Though not yet available in the Philippines, the Toyota Vios 2017 of Thailand showcases this amazing new feature. Chrome can do a lot of wonders for cars, especially for the grilles a car can come equipped with. It can help with the vehicle’s intake of air, as well as protect it from any form of debris and outside elements that may cause damages in the car. With chrome installed on this variant’s door handles, it’ll be no surprise that this will be a great hit once it hits Filipino shores.

Its Bumper is Fitted with LED Tail Lights

In the aspect of proper driving, as well as safety, it’s important that the cars behind you are informed on when you’re planning to make a turn. With that said, this car’s bumper is re-tweaked with LED tail lights to ensure maximum visibility while driving at night.

It Comes in Different Color Schemes

Another aspect that really entices the sales are the color schemes it comes in. The Toyota Vios in the Philippines can come in various color schemes, ranging from Alumina Jade Metallic to Blackish Red Mica.


Key Takeaway

There is no doubt that this year’s Toyota Vios will conquer the market. If you get the chance to take one out on a drive, go for it!

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