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Bad Driving Habits That Could Harm Your Car

By marian on December 23rd, 2016




Almost everybody thinks they are a good driver. But even the best drivers have a bad habit or two, and it is apparent in the Philippines. Toyota Vios, Fortuner or Innova, whatever car you drive, the sooner you discover your bad driving habits, the earlier you can address it.

When talking about bad driving habits, most of the time people think of being rude to other drivers or dangerous habits. What some people fail to realize is that some practices could actually affect the condition of their car. How many of these habits do you have?


Shifting to Drive or Reverse before the Car Stops Completely

This is apparent in beginners, and you may have also done this at least once: the car is still rolling and in you’re in such a rush that you quickly shift to reverse or park. This is forgivable if you only do it by accident every now and then or if you’re just learning to drive. But if you do it on a regular basis, you’re going to have to STOP. This puts too much pressure and strain on your transmission and drive train. If you end up wearing them out or damaging them completely, replacement parts are very expensive. So take your time and remember to stop before shifting.

Ignoring Speed Bumps and Potholes

Speed bumps are there for a reason; like road signs, it is a reminder for you to slow down for safety. Each time you ignore it and speed right through the bump you’re causing damage to your car’s suspension and shock absorbers. Potholes on the other hand are damages on the road. Remember that even well-maintained roads may have potholes around so be very wary because you might not see them coming especially in the night. Driving through the potholes will cause your car to jerk and jolt the suspension as well. The best way approach to them is to slow down or simply steer away from them. Ignoring both speed bumps and potholes will cause long term damage to your suspension and shock absorbers.

Unnecessarily Riding the Break

There are times when you may ride the break because you are being cautious or wary of the driving conditions. It is acceptable in certain situations, but if you are practicing this on a regular basis you may be causing more harm than good. Even the smallest amount of pressure you put on your brakes will cause friction and too much heat and friction will wear out your brakes. Wearing out your brakes like this could cost you a lot of money to replace them. An even worse scenario is your vehicle could fail on you at the worst time possible.


Any of these habits sound familiar? Don’t brush it off. Learn to care for your car and let your habits show that you do.

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