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6 Basic Commandments of Defensive Driving

By Vic on September 18th, 2015

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Toyota wants its customers to be safe and sound as they drive their newly bought Toyota Vios around the Philippines. Which is why we have listed down several defensive driving tips below to prevent any accidents from happening.


Don’t Attempt to Beat the Red Light

red light

Do you seriously want to cause a side-on collision or a possibly fatal accident? If no, then please never try to beat the red light! Some dumb drivers think that the yellow light is a signal for them to rev the engine, and the moment the traffic light turns red, they speed up and go! Don’t be like these drivers! When the light is yellow, slow down and stop. By continuing to drive, you might hit another car or even worse, another person.


Always Have an Escape Route

alternate route advised

There are numerous scenarios wherein having a way out will be a big help in preventing an accident from happening. Imagine what will happen if the vehicle in front suddenly comes to a full stop. To avoid a collision from happening, you’ll have to avoid the car by swerving either to the left or the right. If you’re stuck between two vehicles, you’ll be unable to do this. The same goes with switching lanes; how will you be able to do it if you are in the middle of the lane?


Follow The Two-Second Rule

two second rule

The two-second rule means your vehicle has to be at least two seconds away from the vehicle directly in front of yours. Two seconds is equivalent to one vehicle length every 8 kph. Under low visibility conditions caused by fogs, nighttime, or rains, you must double the number and keep a distance the equivalent of four seconds. Under bad weather driving conditions, such as heavy rain or heavy fog, maintain a six second distance. And if you’re being tailgated, simply switch lanes.


Use Your Signaling Devices

signal handle

Another rule Filipino drivers love to break is proper usage of their vehicle’s signaling devices; something as simple as signaling to turn left or right has become a chore for some motorists. Those lights at the back of your car are there for a reason: to make the drivers behind you aware of your next move. Utilize your turn signals whenever it’s needed.


Wear Your Seatbelt

wearing seatbelt

A seatbelt can be the only thing preventing you from your possible death. In fact, it’s proven in many court cases that seatbelts could have prevented a death from happening. Yes, sometimes it can be quite uncomfortable. But just think that the trade of comfort for safety will definitely be worth it once the seatbelt prevents you from flying out of your seat, bursting through the windshield and landing on the hard ground injured or worse. And on a legal note, not wearing your seatbelt can be fined.


Yield and Give Way


Right of way is something you must always keep in mind when it comes to driving. It can prevent many a possible collision from happening in the near future. There are different rules regarding right of way for different roads. Review them to avoid a possible disaster from happening.


Defensive driving is generally the way one drives to avoid or prevent any accidents from happening. It is an absolute essential to any driver if they want to survive on the road. So remember to be patient with the other drivers on the road and that your driving skills are not perfect and neither are theirs. And always keep in mind that to disobey these commandments means you are also putting your life at risk.


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