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Be Classy! Cultured Driving Basics

By marian on March 28th, 2016



One of the greatest joys in life is purchasing your very own Toyota vehicle; nothing is more exciting than driving your brand new Toyota Innova in the Philippines. Owning a brand new car that is not only visually appealing, but economically viable in the long run can be a pleasurable achievement. The real reward, however, is driving as good as your car looks.

An important thing to remember for both new and veteran drivers alike is driving in a cultured way.

What is Cultured Driving?

Simply put, cultured driving is driving like a gentleman. A gentleman, by definition, is a chivalrous, courteous or honorable man and translating that from word to action requires practice and self-awareness at all times.

Toyota cars drive fast and feel good to drive; however, having this power requires a suitable level of responsibility to ensure the safety of the driver and his passengers as well as the other people on the road.

Cultured Driving Basics

While cultured driving may be considered as a lifestyle instead of a driving style, putting it into practice requires the mastery of the basics. As with any learned skill, the level of a driver’s comprehension of the fundamentals of cultured driving will help shape any decent driver’s future path.

Here are some of the basics:

Safety First

Prioritizing the driver’s safety is his responsibility, but a cultured driver should also bear in mind the safety of both his passengers as well as the pedestrians around him. In other words, try to be sensitive to the people around you. Instead of driving aggressively, try driving defensively. Not only will it assuage your passenger’s concerns, it will also allow you to be more alert and reactionary to any incident that may happen on the road.

Drive safe, not fast

There is a very big difference between driving below the speed limit and going over the speed limit. Like many good things, driving speed should be kept in moderation. Not too slow to inconvenience the other riders on the road and not too fast to endanger the people around you. Safe driving includes following the rules of the road, utilizing your Toyota Car’s pre-installed turn signals, and giving way to those with the right of way. As stated earlier, drive defensively, not aggressively. Not only does driving aggressively endanger the people around you, it also puts you at risk of being unable to react to any unforeseen incident that can happen anytime on the road.

Minimize distractions

One of the many distinguishing features of a gentleman is they are good listeners. Translating this to cultured driving means giving the road your full attention. There are many installed entertainment and convenience based tools inside every Toyota car, but these should be used at the right times and not when you are driving.

Keep distractions at the minimum and zero at best by focusing on the road. Avoid fiddling with the various knobs and switches inside your car and leave that to your passenger whenever possible. If you absolutely have to adjust the knobs or switches, go to a full stop and park your car. Not only will this grant you the opportunity to utilize the many available features of your Toyota car, it will also ensure your safety as well as the safety of other people on the road.

There are many features available in your Toyota car and made for convenience and entertainment, but Toyota’s number one priority is the safety of the driver and the people around them. Make that your priority too and try to learn to be a cultured driver.

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