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The Best Anti-Theft Devices for Your Car

By maigne on May 25th, 2017


No matter what you drive in the Philippines, whether it’s a Toyota Vios or even a Toyota Tundra, your vehicle is vulnerable to theft. With the rise of crime in the country, every measure of security is of utmost importance. This is precisely why certain advancements in technology have been designed to keep your vehicle safe. Here are a few anti-theft devices you might want to consider purchasing.


Car Alarm

Car Alarm

Let’s start with the obvious. Many cars come with these built-in, but if yours doesn’t it’s time to get it. It activates at any sign of intrusion, such as when the door is opened without being unlocked, when a window or windshield is being shattered, and even when there’s a sudden, extremely loud sudden noise.

Steering Wheel Lock

Steering Wheel Lock

A steering wheel lock is extremely easy to install and uninstall – at least for you. Clamp this around the steering wheel each time you leave the car and it will make a thief think twice about even making an attempt.

Suppose the thief has somehow managed to enter your car – obviously the goal is to drive away with it. Thanks to even the simplest of good quality steering wheel lock will make your car undriveable. This will both frustrate them to no end and increase the likelihood that someone will be alerted about what they’re doing. That’s when you call the cops.

Tire Locks

Tire Lock

Similar to the steering wheel lock, tire locks also renders your car useless to thieves as it keeps the rear tires in place. Though installing this may take some time and a certain amount of effort, this will doubly ensure that your car stays where it’s supposed to stay. Also, this device is highly visible since it’s attached to your tire, further discouraging any potential thief to steal it.

Kill Switches

Car Kill Switch

This device is one of the most innovative so far. When a thief thinks they’ve succeeded in stealing your car, they would have been sorely mistaken. You will inevitably discover your vehicle missing and with the push of a button, you can switch off your car’s electrical system. Some cars are already installed with this device. If not, it’s easy to find, afford, and install.

Tracking Devices

GPS device

This is a great device to deal with worst-case scenarios. If ever the thief has indeed succeeded with driving away your car and you have no way to stop them, you can use these to quickly track your car down and alert the authorities for assistance. Tracking devices comes in various forms, mostly as an application to your smartphone so you can access your car’s location at the quick swipe of your screen.


Luxury or mainstream car, all vehicles must be kept safe from thieves. Always remember to park only in safe areas, never leave other valuable items such as laptops and bags in the vehicle, and be vigilant at all times.

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