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Back to School: Why You Should Bring Your Kids To School In A Toyota Innova

By maigne on June 18th, 2019


Why should you bring your kids to school in a Toyota Innova?

  1. Its Interior Is Spacious and Comfortable
  2. It Has A Durable and Reliable Engine
  3. It Has Top-Notch Safety Features
  4. Its Parts Are Easily Available in Case of Replacing
  5. It Has An Appealing Look


It’s back to school for your little ones! Pick your children up from school in style with a Toyota Innova Philippines. Ensure that your kids are safe and comfortable in this ever-reliable compact Multi-Purpose Vehicle (MPV). There’s a reason why this vehicle is so popular for many Filipino families. Read on to learn more about why you should bring your kids to school in a Toyota Innova.


Its Interior Is Spacious and Comfortable

Its Interior Is Spacious and Comfortable

The interior of a Toyota is spacious enough to fit up to eight passengers, with each person having more than enough leg and headroom. This vehicle is more than capable of helping you bring your children to and from school. The Toyota Innova’s practical storage areas in the cabin can also be used to easily store your children’s school bags, no matter how many books and notebooks are inside it.


It Has A Durable and Reliable Engine

It Has A Durable And Reliable Engine

You can have the peace of mind knowing that your vehicle’s engine would never break down on your way to school. Toyota engines are known for their reliability and durability. Your Toyota Innova’s engine has evolved throughout the years in order to efficiently provide power to the vehicle, making the car a dependable choice for parents.


It Has Top-Notch Safety Features

It Has Top Notch Safety Features

The Toyota Innova is also an ideal vehicle to bring your children to school due to its top-notch safety features. Its interior houses seven airbags — all strategically positioned to protect its passengers in the case of an accident. The car’s structure itself is also specially designed to absorb impact and protect its interior in the case of a collision.


Its Parts Are Easily Available for Replacement

Need to replace a component of your Toyota Innova? Fear not as these parts are easily available in a number of car shops. They could even upgrade your broken car part to improve the overall quality of your car itself. If you do not have the time to bring your Toyota Innova to a car shop, its parts can also be easily searched in various online shopping sites. A quick Google search should match you up with the right car component.


It Has An Appealing Look

It Has An Appealing Look

The Toyota Innova has introduced a new and stylish style to the MUV. Standard MUVs have been known to look dull and lackluster in order to better fit in more passengers and cargo. However, the Toyota Innova has incorporated a high shoulder line and stylish alloy wheels in order to showcase the design capabilities of MUVs.


Key Takeaway

The Toyota Innova Philippines is a staple in a number of households around the country. Its spacious interior makes it the ideal vehicle for parents to bring their children to school comfortably. The vehicle itself can also guarantee your family’s safety with its top-notch safety features and its durable engine. With a number of colors to choose from, the Toyota Innova will definitely let you bring your child to school in style.

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