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How Car Design is More than Just Looks

By Vic on March 27th, 2017

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Cars have evolved in many ways throughout the years in many ways, from the way they look to the available features. In the Philippines cars, like the Toyota Vios have really caught people’s attention by the way it looks and performs. However, the first impression is almost always on the car’s design.

These days though the design is not limited to its aesthetics. In an attempt to tackle more than just visual appearance, car designers now aim for their work to be more functional and practical. Here are some factors you probably never thought played a role in a car’s design.


Fuel Efficiency

The material used for the chassis and other components of the car is an important aspect of the design. Not only do you have to make sure it can handle the wear and tear of typical driving situations, it also has to be practical in other ways. Car manufacturers look to use different kinds of material such as aluminum to make the car itself lighter. A lighter body will significantly drop the fuel consumption of the vehicle.

Cameras over Mirrors

The side and rearview mirrors are among the most important tools used by drivers for safety. These mirrors are essential in many aspects of driving such as turning, parking and switching lanes.

Today, more and more new car models incorporate cameras to complement these mirrors to offer drivers an even better view. There are now concept car designs that are completely mirrorless and have cameras in the place of mirrors.

Luxury and Comfort

Car designers also look to maximize the space of the cars that they design. Some cars are designed with bigger bodies for the passengers’ comfort and for ease in bringing luggage. As a result, other features are smaller so that the space occupied by the driver, passengers, and their items is bigger and ultimately more comfortable.


While thankfully most drivers never really get to use them, airbags are definitely one part of a car’s design that caters to safety. It used to be more commonplace for airbags to only be for the driver and the front passengers, but car manufacturers have found a way to incorporate them in other strategic places.

There are also protections in place that are invisible to the eye such as a foam that is installed under the trim of the vehicle to absorb whatever energy in the event of a collision. The material that is used on the cars exterior is also essential, as it must be able to absorb the energy of any crash without crumpling too much in order to protect those inside the vehicle.


With technology advancing the way it is these days expect that car manufacturers will not only not slow down but actually speed up their innovation process. There will be more car concepts popping up that will not only make the car look better but offer the drivers and his or her passengers even more features.

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