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Emergency Supplies To Always Have In Your Car

By maigne on May 10th, 2019


What emergency supplies should you always have in your car?

  1. First Aid Kit
  2. Flashlight
  3. Non-Perishable Food and Water
  4. Spare Tire
  5. Tool Kit
  6. Jumper Cables
  7. Road Reflector


You never know when or where you’ll encounter an emergency on the road. It’s best to always be prepared for any situation by having the right emergency supplies. To prevent any accidents on the road, constantly get your vehicle checked at trusted dealerships such as Toyota Motors Philippines. Never get caught off guard. Here is a list of emergency supplies to always have in your car.


First Aid Kit

No car emergency kit is complete without a first aid kit packed with medicines and remedies for any occasion. Have oral medication ready in case of any sudden headaches, nausea, or body pain. For more serious conditions such as cuts or wounds, have antibacterial items ready such as rubbing alcohol, bandages, cotton buds, and antiseptics. Also, have ointments ready in the case of burns, insect bites, or skin rashes.




Flashlights are incredibly helpful in case of accidents at night or in dark areas. Always have a heavy duty and waterproof flashlight on hand to help you maneuver your way around your surroundings. Bright flashlights can also be used as distress beacons to capture people’s attention. If you don’t have a flashlight with you, the built-in light on your phone should work in a pinch.


Non-Perishable Food and Water

Non-Perishable Food and Water

Accidents are unpredictable. Help could reach you in less than an hour or it could take weeks before they get to your destination. Stock your car with non-perishable food  such as biscuits and canned goods as well as bottles of drinking water. Be sure to conserve your available food and water. Do not consume it all at once. In a serious emergency, you never know how long it might take help to arrive.


Spare Tire

Most cars are already equipped with a spare tire. Just to make sure, check to see if you do have a spare tire at all times. Some car models, such as Toyota Fortuners for sale in the Philippines, have compartments for spare tires underneath the car. Once you have made sure that you have one, inspect the tire regularly to make sure that it hasn’t deflated and is always ready in case of an emergency.


Tool Kit

Tool Kit

Your car should always have a tool kit in your car. More importantly, you should know how to use the tools in it. This can be greatly beneficial during emergencies where you have to change certain parts of your car on your own. Tools that you should have at all times include a multi-head screwdriver, a wrench, and a tire air pressure gauge. Certain tires also have different kinds of lug nuts, such as Toyota Fortuners for sale in the Philippines. Make sure you know the ins and outs of your car to have an easier time during an emergency.


Jumper Cables

Jumper Cables

In case your car battery dies, you should have jumper cables as well as a portable battery charger in hand. This will be helpful in a situation where your car breaks down in the middle of the road.


Road Reflector

If your car starts to malfunction and eventually stops working, a road reflector will come in hand to alert any oncoming cars of your situation. This is to help ensure that you and your vehicle will remain safe while waiting for help.


Key Takeaway

It’s best to always be prepared for any situation. Please take note of these emergency supplies and feel free to add more of your essential items. To ensure that your car is always safe to handle, constantly get a tune-up at Toyota Motors Philippines. Be safe, stay prepared.

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