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Car Maintenance Tips for Toyota Wigos in the Philippines

By maigne on May 31st, 2018


What are the most important aspects of Wigo car maintenance?

  1. Cleanliness
  2. Professional Checkups
  3. Engine Health
  4. Car Awareness
  5. Manufacturer Familiarity


Without the shadow of a doubt, the Toyota Wigo here in the Philippines is the zenith of compact car innovation as well as ingenuity. Ever since the production and release of the 2017 Toyota Wigo, the Philippines and many of its citizens have been raving at how much the vehicle has changed their lives.

Whether it’s for standard utility of cruises around the urban jungle, the Toyota Wigo is a miracle compact vehicle that can handle it all. But it is important to note that despite all the impeccable qualities of the Wigo, car maintenance is still an important aspect of responsible car ownership that nobody is exempt from. There are a few regulative measures that we need to be sure we are making in order to truly preserve the splendor of the Toyota Wigo.

Below is an overview of the major points of regular maintenance for your Toyota Wigo:

Car Wash

Keeping your Car Clean

The first and arguably most important thing that you can do when it comes to taking care of your Wigo is to wash it regularly, whether at a car wash or at the luxury of your own home, you need to make sure that your Wigo is free from the damages that dirt build up and corrosive tendencies can bring.


Taking it in for Professional Treatment

Similar to your teeth, you need to make it point to have your Wigo taken in for regular check-ups by a well-trained set of professional mechanics. Do not make the mistake of going through the hassles of finding and hiring a mechanic when something breaks down. Make conscious efforts to preventing breakdowns and wear and tear before they cause you their stress-inducing nuisances.

Checking Under the Hood

Checking Under the Hood

It is crucial to ensure that everything under the belt, such as the fluids, belts, hoses, and battery are all secure and stable –they are the most vital functionalities that keeps the engine running and healthy. The oil, water, and coolant levels should be ideally checked on every single day before hitting the road.


Constant Awareness of your Wigo’s State

Even if you are not exactly an expert on automotive vehicles, you have to hone the basic ability to know how to spot basic faults in time before anything gets destroyed. Metaphorically and figuratively speaking, you have to learn to listen to your car. Do things look a little worn out? What is causing this strange sound coming from the engine that I’ve never heard before?


Being Well-versed with the Owner’s Manual

The manual is the most overlooked part that comes with purchasing a car, it is often tucked away and never looked at. But once you at least acquaint yourself with the basics of manufacturing details and procedures, you’ll have an easier way of identifying and even improving your car’s overall performance!


Key Takeaway

Whether you are already a proud owner or thinking about purchasing a Toyota Wigo here in the Philippines, it’s important to understand that high-quality compact vehicles such as the 2017 Toyota Wigo, are the Philippines’ most practical vehicles. The Wigo offers many conveniences, and with executing the right every day and periodic maintenance measures, your Wigo’s lifespan can truly stand the test of time.

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