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Car Radios to Replace Your Stock Radio

By maigne on July 25th, 2019


What are the best car radios that can replace your stock radio?

  1. Growl Audio Car Radio
  2. Pioneer
  3. Kenwood
  4. Sony

Listening to the radio, whether its music or the news, is becoming an integral part of the whole driving experience. With how stressful traffic can get, it can be hard to drive properly in silence. That being said, driving your Toyota Innova in the Philippines should not be a draggy experience. To make sure that that doesn’t happen, consider making an upgrade from your stock radio to something that can provide the features and sound quality you are looking for.

To help you choose the perfect radio, here are 4 options you can choose from:


Growl Audio Car Radio

If it’s a complete set of optimized features you are looking for with a nice interface and competitive sound to boot, look no further than the Growl audio car radio. Growl’s radio operating systems have recently made the switch from the industry-standard Windows CE to the more optimized and modern Android Head Unit.

This is a deal-breaker in terms of finding a good radio and audio system for your vehicle because the Android Head Unit’s processor speed is 4x faster than the Windows CE. This means better performance across the board as well as being able to use the system like an android phone. It also connects to the internet which is a big plus. Do note that the original language it comes is in Chinese, make sure to have your technician configure it right away.




For the longest time, Pioneer has been at the forefront of radio technology and it shouldn’t be surprising that it makes the list for some of the stock car radio replacements. What makes the Pioneer-brand stand out is their wide screens and compatibility with a multitude of music files and smartphones.
It also boasts a sound quality that is superior to most stock radios which makes it a go-to for people looking for an upgrade.



If one thing can be said about Kenwood radios, it’s that they are reliable. They boast good engineering in their products, and that has been the case since they were established in 1946. Sure, they may not be as popular as some of the other brands in this list, but at least their products are of quality. Quality usually comes at a premium, but Kenwood-brand radios are also capable of giving you the best bang for your buck.

Their more prominent features include having some of the best CD changers in the market as well as good compatibility. Sound quality is top-notch too. Don’t neglect Kenwood when in the market for new car radios.




At this point, who doesn’t know about the tech giant that is Sony. They seem to give quality products at any market ranging from gaming studios, televisions to even car radios. Due to their longevity in the market as well as the talent that they have, Sony is always on the cutting edge of technology and coming out with new products that consumers rate highly.

Their car radios are sleek, minimalistic, and modern. They are of the highest quality and are available at many different price points. This should ensure that you are getting quality a radio no matter what your budget is. Sony’s reputation alone should be able to vouch for its quality. When in doubt, choose Sony.


Key Takeaway

When deciding which car radio brand to choose from to replace your stock radio, always look for quality and ease of access. What is common with all the brands mentioned above is that they are all modern and compatible with other gadgets and technology that is available today. Whether its touchscreen features or Wi-Fi compatibility you cannot go wrong with any of the previously mentioned brands and they should be perfect for your Toyota Innova in the Philippines. If you are having a hard time deciding, don’t be afraid to ask the experts at your local market.

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