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Always With You: Car Tools You Should Never Forget

By marian on November 27th, 2015


toyota repairmanA savvy car owner knows that many things can go wrong when you’re on the road. This is true no matter what model you use, be it Toyota Wigo in the Philippines or a Toyota Vios. Therefore, it’s important that you bring along the necessary tools to solve these problems that may arise almost anytime.

Don’t be a stranger to them; they’re your friends. Here are some of these car repair buddies you should always be bringing along for the ride.


Fire Extinguisher

fire extinguisherIt may seem ridiculous to always have a small fire extinguisher in your car, especially if you’re not a firefighter, but you don’t know when a minor flare-up from your engine might happen. But if the fire gets too big, don’t hesitate to ditch your ride. There’s no doubt that you love your car, but it’s not worth a fiery death.


Flares, Lights, and Reflectors

folding triangleWhat’s more dangerous than being on the road after dark on a long and winding highway? Breaking down. Incoming cars won’t be able to see you, so they won’t be able to help you out, or even worse – they might hit you. To prevent either of the two from happening, you should always have either or even all of the following: flares, LED lights, and road reflectors. After all, a little light in the dark is a big help.


Screwdrivers and Wrenches

screwdriver and wrench crossA car is an elaborate compound machine, and what holds its mechanisms that make it run are screws, nuts, and bolts. Try as you may with your bare hands, you won’t be able to either loosen or remove these parts.

But what if you have to because a particular component broke down and has to be replaced? That’s where screwdrivers and wrenches come in. The thing about cars though is that its screws, nuts, and bolts come in different sizes and shapes; that’s why you need to have many screwdrivers and wrenches with you. It would be more convenient, however, to use a multi-head screwdriver and wrench, a set of adjustable wrenches, and a monkey wrench. And to be on the safe side, bring them all; just make sure that you have enough cargo space.


Tire Air Pressure Gauge

Tire Air Pressure GaugeWhether your car is on the move or is completely rested, your tires are always on the ground. And because of that fact, it constantly loses pressure, especially if it’s the former; that’s why it’s important to regularly check the air pressure of your tires, as driving with incorrect tire pressure can lead to accidents. And to be able to do so, you need a tire air pressure gauge.

These devices can be found in almost all gas stations. But there isn’t going to be one everywhere, so you shouldn’t be relying on them. Instead, it would be best if you brought along a portable one, as doing so would allow you to check your tire air pressure almost anytime.


Sometimes, the things that can go wrong actually go wrong, and you don’t always know when. That’s why you need to be prepared, and there’s no better way to show it than having the right tools.


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