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5 Celebrities That Love To Drive Their Toyota Car

By maigne on July 3rd, 2019


Which celebrities love to drive their Toyota cars?

  1. Leonardo DiCaprio (Toyota Prius)
  2. Samuel L. Jackson (Toyota Camry)
  3. Mark Wahlberg (Toyota Sienna)
  4. Aamir Khan (Toyota Innova)


Do you love your Toyota Innova from the Philippines? Well, your favorite celebrities do too!

Toyota cars are popular all over the world for its comfortability and its sleek style. People from all walks of life have chosen to trust Toyota for their automobile needs. Even A-List Hollywood and Bollywood celebrities have chosen to invest their hard earned money in these durable cars.

Read on to learn about 5 celebrities that love to drive their Toyota cars.


Leonardo DiCaprio (Toyota Prius)

Leonardo DiCaprio (Toyota Prius)

The Toyota Prius is known within communities as an eco-friendly vehicle. It can run on both gas and electricity, effectively reducing the amount of carbon emissions it releases. This is probably why Oscar-winning Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio uses this model as his go-to car. He has been seen driving around the streets of Los Angeles in this environmentally safe Toyota vehicle.

Besides this inspiring young actor, there is another Hollywood actor that has chosen the luxuries of a Toyota vehicle.


Samuel L. Jackson (Toyota Camry)

Samuel L. Jackson (Toyota Camry)

Samuel L. Jackson is one of the most well-known Hollywood actors today due to his iconic method of acting. He has been cast in multiple roles due to his reliability to adapt to any kind of character he may be given. The actor drives a Toyota Camry, which is also known for its reliability in terms of its fuel efficiency and its comfortability.

Another Hollywood actor who enjoys riding around his Toyota vehicle with his loved ones is Mark Wahlberg.


Mark Wahlberg (Toyota Sienna)

Besides being a popular comedic actor, Mark Wahlberg is also a father to four children. It makes sense that he has opted for a Toyota Sienna, as it has an incredibly wide interior for a minivan. It is a top pick for a number of families all over the world, including the families of celebrities.

Stepping away from Hollywood, let us take a look at actors in Bollywood and their favorite Toyota vehicles.


Aamir Khan (Toyota Innova)

Aamir Khan (Toyota Innova)

Aamir Khan is known as one of the most versatile Bollywood actors, even going through multiple drastic weight transformations in order to get into a specific role. Similar to the actor’s adaptability is his beloved Toyota Innova. This particular vehicle can withstand rough terrains due to its high-quality shock absorbers. The actor was even the brand ambassador of the Toyota Innova at the time of its launch.

These are just some of the celebrities that enjoy using their Toyota cars. There are bound to be more future celebrities that will make the change to this trustworthy automobile company.


Key Takeaway

The popularity of Toyota vehicles can be seen in the choice of the entertainment industry’s biggest personalities to purchase these durable cars instead of vehicles from other brands. Imagine, the Toyota Innova from the Philippines that you drive your kids to school with every day is also used by one of the biggest Bollywood stars. Or, the Toyota Prius that your family uses is also used by one of the most iconic and diverse Hollywood actors of our time. Be proud of your Toyota car as it will give you a ton of movie-like adventures!

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