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Does Cold Weather Have Negative Effects on Cars?

By marian on November 27th, 2016




In the Philippines, if you have a Toyota Vios or other luxurious vehicles, it is very important that you are familiar with all of its components, know how to properly operate it, and the certain circumstances that could damage your vehicle.

Did you know that an extremely cold weather can negatively affect your beloved car? Yes, it could actually compromise the capabilities of your vehicle! To help you know more, we’ve listed down the common effects of cold weather to a vehicle.


The Motor Oil of Your Car will Thicken

When the temperature drops down (at least -18C), the cold will cause the motor oil of your vehicle to thicken. This makes it difficult for your car’s engine to start right away. Other car fluids, such as antifreeze and transmission fluid will also become sticky and thick, much like the consistency of maple syrup.  This instance may cause such fluids to move less freely inside the vehicle, thus making it more difficult for the vehicle to function.

When the weather is colder, it is advisable to start the car for about 10 to 15 minutes to warm it up before driving. An old battery that can function in warm climate may not be at its best during the cold weather. 

The Rubber Compound in Tires Will Harden

The rubber compound found in all-season tires will harden in extreme temperature. This may cause tires to lose their grip and may affect the safety of riding in your vehicle.

The pressure of your car’s tires will decrease every 10 degrees Fahrenheit when air temperature drops down.  Remember not to drive when the pressure of your tire is too high or too low because it will shorten the lifespan of your car’s tire. Moreover, such instance can also result to a tire blowout.

The Heaters Will Delay the Warm-up of the Engine

Your car engine does not have any immunity in cold weather. When experiencing extremely high temperature, it will inevitabely delay the car engine’s warm-up. Remember that your car needs to warm up first before it can fully operate at its best.

You Risk Having a Dead Battery

Cold weather is definitely not be good for your car’s battery. The chemical reactions inside the battery will slow down. The battery will produce fewer electrons and this may slow down the engine.


Being an efficient and responsible driver is more than just being familiar with car controls, understanding the different dashboard controls, and having mastery in various driving techniques and unforeseen situations. It also includes having knowledge on what are the best and harmful circumstances for your vehicle, such as avoiding driving in extremely cold weather.

Mentioned above are few of the several reasons why cold weather is not beneficial for your vehicle. As much as possible, refrain from going out if the weather is really bad. This will save your vehicle from breaking down, and will definitely be the best decision for your own safety.

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