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Common Road Hazards and How to Handle Them

By Vic on March 24th, 2017

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The best drivers are calm, collected, and prepared in case they encounter road hazards. If you’re driving a sturdy care like a Toyota Wigo in the Philippines, the capability of your car is one less thing to worry about. Regardless, observing caution is still advised.

To clarify, road hazards are obstacles on the road that, if you don’t know how to approach the, could cause serious repercussions. When faced with any of the following road hazards, what’s important is to keep your calm as there is always a rational way to approach the situation.



Poor road conditions come as no surprise, and potholes are very common. Almost all drivers have driven over a pothole at least once in their life. Potholes can cause damage on the vehicle’s tires, rims or even suspension.

It’s important that when you face a pothole you have to have a firm grip on the steering wheel as it’s easy to lose control of the car. Suddenly swerving or stopping without signaling to the cars behind you are also big no-nos so as not to cause accidents to the vehicles around you.

Animals Crossing

Various types of animals on the road are common when driving through wooded areas or fields. Animals can also be found crossing roads in more urban areas as well. Unfortunately, what often happens is that drivers see them too late and either run them over or suddenly break and swerve. This sort of reaction endangers the lives of the animal, everyone in your car, and those in surrounding vehicles.


The moment you become a driver you become responsible for the lives of those in the car and every life you encounter on the road, human or animal. Make it a point to constantly be aware of the road ahead and on the sidelines. If you’re on a road where animals are likely to cross, never go full speed.


Water on the road can be very dangerous as it can cause aquaplaning. This will cause the vehicle to lose traction because of the water between the road and your wheels.

First of all you should make sure that your wheels are properly maintained so that your vehicle won’t be prone to this issue. If ever you do see that there is water on the road slow your car down to be safe. If you encounter flood while driving, you must know how to properly gauge if your vehicle is capable of going through it.

Other modes of transportation

Other modes of transportation on the road such as bicycles and motorcycles are ones to really keep an eye on. Especially in the Philippines, motorists have a tendency to swerve around cars at varying speeds, which is extremely dangerous. While under no circumstances can you control other drivers, you have to take the extra mile to be more careful.


Owning and driving a car is a huge responsibility that cannot be taken lightly. Learn to drive defensively and adjust to what you encounter on the road. The moment you try to be aggressive in your driving style that’s when you put yourself in harm’s way.

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