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Conquer Flooded Roads with These 5 Vehicles

By Vic on November 9th, 2016

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The rainy season has begun. Soaked shoes and wet clothes and people struggling to open and close their umbrellas are typically common scenarios. It is during this time when you never leave home without a sturdy umbrella, jacket or raincoat, and a change of clothes and shoes.

Whether you are a commuter or a driver of a reliable Toyota Altis here in the Philippines, avoiding flooded roads is often a difficult task. It’s always a great idea to get a car that is able to survive driving through flooded waters with little to no incident, and we’re lucky that many car manufacturers produced robust cars that have excellent flood capabilities. If you are planning to buy a new car, consider which car models have the best wading depth and ground clearance since flood is prevalent in our country.

To help you decide on that matter, we have listed few of the tough and trusted Toyota car models. Here are five vehicles you need to conquer that flooded road.


Toyota FJ Cruiser


Toyota FJ Cruiser may remind you of a toy but don’t be fooled by its appearance. This Toyota model is one of the most sturdy cars models in the Philippines. With its ground clearance of 245 mm and wading depth of 245 mm, it is definitely perfect for dominating flooded roads.

Apart from being a reliable choice in conquering flooded roads, Toyota FJ Cruiser is also perfect for long drives and hardcore driving — may it be on the hills, rocks, and even riverbeds.

Toyota Fortuner


You can dominate rough roads and flooded places with Toyota Fortuner. The latest model of Toyota Fortuner is one of the fastest and strongest car models you will ever have. This car model has off-road and on-road versatility which makes ready for any kind of terrain that lies ahead. Its ground clearance is 220 mm while its wading depth is 700 mm. Moreover, its sturdy body is perfect for conquering floods, muds, and even rocks.

Toyota Land Cruiser


Whether it is flooded roads or overcoming difficult terrains, Toyota Land Cruiser is certainly a great option when buying a new vehicle. Its ground clearance is 200 mm while its wading depth is 600 mm. Moreover, it has also a D-4D engine that is capable in escaping tough roads while maintaining the efficiency of its fuel.

Toyota RAV4


Even though the design of this car model is made for drivers with a sports-centered lifestyle, Toyota RAV4 is also a reliable choice for many reasons. This car model is equipped with terrain-treading alloy wheel, making it capable of covering tough highways and escape flooded streets.

Toyota Prado


Last but definitely not least is the Toyota Prado. This car model has a powerful performance engine that can enable a driver to maneuver through difficult terrain. Similar to Toyota Fortuner, it has an off-road and on-road feature making it a reliable car model for many tough situations.


The car models mentioned above are great on a regular day, and definitely beneficial each time the rainy season arrives. Remember, even if you have the most flood-ready vehicles, your safety should be your number one priority. When there’s a typhoon and you do not have any important errands to do outside, stay home and stay safe.

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