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Customization Ideas to Try on a Philippine Toyota Wigo for the Summer Season

By maigne on May 6th, 2018


What are some stylish summer modification ideas that you can try with the excellent Toyota Wigo?

  1. Roll Cage
  2. Aerodynamic Upgrades
  3. Seat
  4. ECU Tuning
  5. Sport Pedals
  6. Custom Upholstery
  7. Performance Exhaust


Summertime is a fantastic season to really shine. Toyota Wigos in the Philippines are some of the most versatile compact cars this country has ever seen. Similar to our clothes and accessories, our cars are also itching to get a summer makeover. Whether its performance, a new look, or both, this is the perfect season to really hone and showcase your personal style.

It is not necessary that you be very well-versed in local car culture in order to fully realize and understand the importance of an automotive vehicle’s aesthetic and performative properties.

Below are some fun modification ideas that you can try with your Toyota Wigo:


Roll Cage


Even if you are not a track racer, this look will give your car an image of gritty intensity that most car enthusiasts try to achieve. Nailing in that sporty competition look is always a great way to go.


Aerodynamic Upgrades


Aerodynamic modifications are amazing for both performance and making your car look devilishly stunning. The applied scientific principles of physics from mods like lowering your car’s drag can even help with its fuel economy and create more downforce for improved handling.



car seats

New car seats are something simple that could significantly spice things up with your car’s overall look. Five-point harnesses can really hammer in an edgy look to your vehicle if that is what you are aiming for. But more importantly, it is always best to go with supportive seats that improve your driving comfort and enhance your posture.


ECU Tuning

car engine

This is one of the simplest ways to enhance your engine’s performance, but it is imperative to note that you should only go with the services of the most reputable of software tuners. All car models in this era are computer operated. Boosting your car’s software performance can significantly add power by improving throttle response and changing the torque time.


Sport Pedals

Although your car’s pedals are not exactly visible to the public eye, a simple mod like this can really add a certain smoothness for when you are driving. Often times, stock pedals can really wear out, so it is best to upgrade to performance motorsport pedals if you have the means.


Custom Upholstery

Modifying your car’s exterior is awesome but changing the interiors with killer custom leather can astoundingly shift outside and your very own perspectives. Just make sure that you are going with a color theme that really speaks to you and gives you a strong sense of confidence.


Performance Exhaust

The golden rule for chambered mufflers is: go with what sounds good not what sounds loud. Going with the best performance muffler for your car can make it sound amazing while simultaneously adding bursts of strong horsepower.


Key Takeaway

Toyota Wigos in the Philippines are some of the country’s most convenient and fun to dress-up cars. It can certainly be a really fun and fulfilling hobby when you find yourself learning more and more about how you can make your car run better and convert it to the kind of look that makes you feel awesome.

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