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Understanding Why We Need Defensive Driving in the Philippines

By maigne on March 11th, 2019

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What are the benefits of taking up defensive driving lessons?

  1. Safer through anticipation
  2. It is beyond basic driving rules
  3. Focuses on crash prevention


One of the most exciting life lessons and achievements you should aim for in life is to learn how to drive. It has its benefits from easily and comfortably going from one place to another, to allowing yourself to feel a sense of pride and security that you know how to drive a car. Before you could purchase your first Toyota Motor in the Philippines, however, you have to learn an important technique which could save you from potential accidents and/or road troubles: defensive driving.

Let’s admit it: driving in the Philippines is a risky task, and it’s not putting the blame on just one side—drivers or pedestrians—because the lack of discipline from both parties is just equal. There are as much unforgiving drivers as there are impatient pedestrians. Defensive driving proposes safe driving strategies to help drivers identify potential hazards in a predictable manner. Here are reasons of how people, not just drivers, could benefit from gaining knowledge on defensive driving:


Safer through anticipation

Safer through anticipation

The focal point of the defensive driving course is to predict what is going to happen on the road in any given condition. The conditions change every second even when vehicles are stopped. With the best and brand new Toyota cars for sale, you should know how much this course can benefit you.

Defensive driving calls for an anticipation of the situation you are in while driving, and make a quick, smart decision based on what you perceive will happen. It brings all your focus on every element along the road you are driving in—will that bus make a sudden turn? Will the stoplight turn red in a few seconds? Will pedestrians cross the road unsolicited?


It is beyond basic traffic rules

In defensive driving, you don’t just learn about the basic stop or yield signs, nor will you only learn the right lane to drive in. Rather, this course will teach you on psychological and human factors (such as stress, fatigue, drugs, alcohol-influenced) of drivers. It also promotes safety equipment for secure traveling.


Focuses on crash prevention

Focuses on crash prevention

You could purchase a sleek, new car from Toyota Motors in the Philippines, but if you’re only going to get yourself involved in a crash, minor or major, then that dubs you a dangerous driver. Defensive driving’s goal is to prevent crashes through techniques such as being aware of reaction distance or adjusting your speed appropriate for the road’s conditions.



Key Takeaway

It doesn’t only benefit drivers, it benefits everyone. Commuters will have an idea of how they could protect themselves when sharing the road with vehicles, and they’ll have a fair understanding of how drivers are expected to act when sharing the street with pedestrians.

There are drivers who tend to look pass defensive driving as an ‘extracurricular’ course you can just take optionally. However, this driving technique takes you beyond the mechanics of a car, beyond the traffic laws you’ve learned even in childhood, and can be used not only in the country, but elsewhere. Brand new Toyota cars for sale are all within your reach, all you have to do is be a responsible driver and you’re set!

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