Toyota Motors Flash or Cash: The Difference Between Luxury and Convenience
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Flash or Cash: The Difference Between Luxury and Convenience

By maigne on May 19th, 2017


Flash or Cash TOYOTAWhether the car you own is a Toyota Wigo from the Philippines or an extravagant masterpiece of a vehicle from somewhere around the world, congratulations! Owning a vehicle, no matter if it’s brand new or secondhand, comes with a huge responsibility. First of all, making sure everything is consistently functioning well is vital for the safety of your passengers, pedestrians, and yourself. You must also be in the right condition to drive each time you take a seat behind the wheel. Keeping the exterior of the vehicle is a little less vital, but can also affect the car’s performance.

Depending on the type of vehicle you own and drive, upkeep of the interior and exterior varies. There are different requirements and modifications to be made depending on the type, brand, and model of car. There are specific types of fuel for each car, different mileages, and of course, different expenses to be made.

When it comes to choosing a car, there are two things to consider first. Most people opt for vehicles that offer more convenience and functionality, while others dream of driving more luxurious models. However, one must ask themselves if it’s worth getting the dream car or settling for a more practical choice.

Luxury Vehicles

To start off, everyone knows that owning a luxury car can give you an insane amount of admirers, respect, and such. It can also show as a sign of your wealth. But what else can you gain from owning such a car? For a vehicle worth flashing, here are some points to consider:


Advanced Features and Modifications

When a luxury car is in your ownership, you get to have exclusive use of its exclusive features and modifications. Whether it be touchscreen consoles or fingerprint-based locks, they’re all at your disposal. Also, having these features in your car can make anything from turning the knob in your stereo to unlocking your car with your keys somewhat obsolete.

Extended Mileages

Most luxury vehicles can go the extra mile quite literally. With their advanced modifications in tow, there’s no doubt that they can go even further.

Status Symbol

Driving a luxury car, theoretically, says more than enough about your social and financial status. It definitely attracts all kinds of attention and automatically gives you bragging rights.


These 3 aforementioned things about luxury cars are just the tip of the iceberg. While it does have its perks, it comes with its disadvantages as well. For instance, since the vehicle is so exclusive, that means your choices of mechanics may be limited. Parts will not be readily available and are likely to cost a fortune. Being flashy, luxurious vehicles are also likely to catch the attention of vandals and car thieves.


Mainstream Vehicles

Far more humble but aesthetically pleasing in their own rights (depending on which type and model,) mainstream vehicles are the popular choice primarily due to affordability and functionality. More than just saving you cash, here are a few good points about opting for mainstream cars.

Mass Availability

Unlike luxury cars, whose availability is only limited to a certain type of clientele, mainstream cars are always available to the masses because of huge demand from the market. These cars are also sold for relatively more prices, making them accessible to more people.

Varying Mileages

The mileage on these types of cars usually depend on the type and brand. Depending on exactly which vehicle, the amount of fuel to be used varies for different purposes and reasons and you can choose from several cars with good mileages.

Versatility in Terrain

This aspect of premium cars certainly trumps luxury ones by a landslide. Why the metaphor? Because if a landslide were to happen, many luxury cars wouldn’t be able to drive across it. Even if you owned one that does, it would be a shame to risk damaging it on rough terrain! Depending on the brand and the size, many mainstream cars would be able to tackle various terrain with ease.


These types of vehicles have their drawbacks as well. For instance, several luxury brands use eco-friendly products to ensure smooth running performance. Many non-luxury vehicles are major contributors to pollution as they emit gases harmful to the environment.


Unless you already have specific choice models for these two types of cars in mind, it can be difficult to compare as they vary from brand to brand. Toyota offers excellent choices for both types! The points above are general observations and may serve as a loose guide for choosing the right vehicle for you. Ultimately, the decision of which car you wish to own lies on you.



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