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Driving Do’s and Don’ts for Your New Toyota Wigo

By marian on February 19th, 2016



Let’s say for example you are driving your new Toyota Wigo in the Philippines around a busy city like Makati. All of a sudden, the car in front of you stops because it is going to make a left turn. Unfortunately, since the driver did not use the signal lights, you almost rear ended his car. It’s scary and annoying, isn’t it?

Plenty of rules are in place to keep both bystanders and drivers safe when they are on or beside the road. You probably learned about these rules while attending driving school, but forgot about them over time or maybe you didn’t go to driving school at all! Instead, you learned to drive the same way most people do —through a family member or a friend. Either way, it’s time to refresh your memory. Check the dos and don’ts below you should remember while cruising the streets in your new Toyota Wigo.

Do Wear Seat Belts

This is a basic rule but one probably only a few people follow: wear a seat belt. Make it a point to wear it as soon as you sit on the driver’s seat. Don’t put it off in case you forget to wear it later on. Also, encourage everyone who rides with you to wear a seat belt. You might be sure about your driving skills, but who’s to say every driver on the road is just as skilled as you?

Do Not Drunk Drive

Driving while drunk is not just frowned upon, it’s prohibited. Doing so will not only put your life at risk, but also the lives of the people around you. Your coordination and reaction time while intoxicated will not be as good as it normally is when you haven’t had anything to drink. In addition, the alcohol in your system can not only cause blurred or double vision, it can also lower your inhibitions! This means while a sober you would think that speeding in Metro Manila is completely stupid, your drunk self might think it’s the best idea ever.

Do Plan Ahead

If you have an excursion or you are simply driving to work, plan ahead. Allot a reasonable amount of time for you to get to your destination. Plenty of things can happen when you’re on the road, like an emergency or a sudden accident. You have to be prepared for these situations so that later on, you won’t have to rush through the highways of Quezon City because you are running late.

Do Not Drive If You Are Sleepy or Not Feeling Well

If you are not feeling up to it, do not drive. You wouldn’t want to be navigating through heavy traffic while you are feeling nauseous, do you? The same rule applies when you are feeling sleepy. If you feel like you are going to nod off any minute now, do not sit behind the wheel. Instead, sleep it off and travel when you are feeling more awake. Numerous accidents occur because the driver fell asleep while driving. Don’t let the same thing happen to you and end up hurting innocent people in the process.

Do Maintain Your Car

Make sure your car is always in good condition. This means you have to pay your mechanic a regular visit. If you notice something is wrong with your vehicle, don’t just shrug it off If you disregard a budding car problem, you might find yourself stranded on a busy highway because your vehicle refused to work. If you are really unfortunate, that problem might result to something as big as a car accident.

You might be a responsible driver but this doesn’t mean that everyone else is too. Keep yourself, and everyone around you, safe while you are driving by following the tips above. Otherwise, the cons

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