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Toyota Motors Philippines: 6 Car Driving Tip for Beginners

By maigne on April 5th, 2019


What can you do to encourage first-time drivers to be confident on the road?

  1. Run through the benefits of driving
  2. Remind them not to rush
  3. Accompany them
  4. Be calm, yet focused
  5. Encourage constant practice
  6. Teach them not to be intimidated


Driving is one of the life skills that one should learn in his/her lifetime. It’s not always that parents or relatives will be around to drive us around, nor will commuting always be readily available. You may aspire for your own car from the Toyota Motors in the Philippines, however, those aspirations could easily crumble if you do not even know how to make it move.

Young people nowadays look forward to driving as it also marks as one of the signs of maturity, but there are also people—both young and old—who fear driving. Either it’s a kind of phobia, or the uncertainty of one’s capabilities to learn all the that is needed for driving.

Whether you own a brand new Toyota car for sale in the Philippines, if you do not have the skill to drive it, this would be pointless. But how do you encourage first-time drivers to keep up with their lessons, and put aside their fears?


Run through the benefits of driving

Run through the benefits of driving

There are cases that people are ‘forced’ to learn how to drive because they are given a certain responsibility either at home or at work. This brings about negative connotations on driving. A way to encourage first-time drivers, especially young people, is to tell them that driving will help them go a long way.

They need the skill to allow them to go anywhere, to secure a mode of transportation, as well as to support family and friends in their travels.


Remind them not to rush

Even when they are steadily learning in driving schools they are enrolled in, tell first-time drivers that they do not need to be in such a hurry to drive in areas such as highways. Advice them to take it slow, and take their time in adjusting to the feel of driving.


Accompany them

Accompany Them

Please take note that this kind of encouragement is recommended between professional drivers and the first-timers. Driving beginners will feel more at ease, and they could learn tips and techniques which a driving school may not have taught them. Also, they will feel more secure in the presence of someone who’s been driving for years.



Be calm, yet focused

One of the experiences a first-time driver will have are the constant bouts of panics and underestimation of their capabilities to learn how to drive. You can give them encouraging words to calm them down. Take a deep breath, and remember to maintain their focus on their role as a driver.


Encourage constant practice

Encourage constant practice

Keep practicing, and eventually, the fear will be removed, and they will feel much more comfortable. It can build up courage, even when the car’s just going around in circles. Practice can also help eliminate errors, and relieve drivers in case they have an upcoming behind-the-wheel test coming.


Teach them not be intimidated

Perhaps one of the reasons why first time drivers develop the fear they have for driving is because they are going to eventually experience a time when they are going to be honked at, or shouted at. Encourage first-time drivers not to be intimidated with other ‘professional drivers’, and to keep an open mind and remain alert to avoid road rage from happening.


Key Takeaway

It is natural to feel fear when it comes to driving, it’s better than being overconfident, and being disappointed that it’s not as easy as you think. There will be difficulties, and there will be challenges, but it doesn’t mean they have to give up. Remember that first-time drivers vary, and they all need encouragement to cheer them on.

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