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4 Easter-Egg Facts About Toyota You Might’ve Missed

By marian on July 17th, 2015


toyota camry

Toyota Motors remains today as one of the best producers of high-quality automobiles in the world, giving us stalwart sets of wheels such the Toyota Wigo in the Philippines and the Nuevo Aygo in Spain. Due to its status as a leading car brand, you would think that you know all there is to know about Toyota. Well, think again! Below are a few things about the car marquee that you probably missed because you’re too busy admiring their hot rides.

A Clean Lead

toyota as green car

Cars are one of the leading causes of carbon dioxide emissions, the excess of which has led to global warming in recent times. To counter this problem as well as the increasingly negative image of automobiles as earth-harmful machines, Toyota has decided to be an eco-friendly car company, becoming one of the first environmentally conscious automobile makers on the planet.

Whizzing past many competitors who are also concerned with saving the planet, Toyota has received the honor of being the leading Green Brand, as ranked by Inter Survey. With hybrid engine-powered models like Prius and Mirai, not to mention its concept cars, it’s not much of a surprise why the company received such a prestigious title.

Doing the Research

Mitsuru Kawai

If car companies didn’t do their homework, car models would look the same way it did many decades ago, and car enthusiast culture would come to a screeching halt. Thankfully, Toyota spends a whopping 1 million dollars every hour on research and development. Imagine the staggering technological process in automobiles that could result from such effort!

Around the World

toyota fleet

Believe it or not, Toyota has been in more countries than any single airplane has. While McDonalds can be found in 100 countries, Toyota is in a whopping 170! So in case you have to migrate to a new country, even one that you have never even heard of, you can be sure to see a Toyota or ten a few blocks from where you’ll live.

Something New About the Camry

toyota camry

The Toyota Camry is one of the brand’s most prestigious and luxurious sedans. And because it’s well-received by loyalists and motorists alike, Toyota has decided that it will be adding not one, but two new features that will utilize cutting-edge technology to ensure the safety, comfort, and overall enjoyableness of this popular Toyota model.

One is the removal of the seatbelt. Now wait a minute! Before you press that panic button, keep calm and know that they are replacing it with something more comfortable and safer. When and how exactly they’re going to do it is still classified, but rest assured that, considering Toyota’s commitment to safety, those who will be driving the hybrid version of Toyota Camry are going to be okay.

The other modification of the Toyota Camry is a Bluetooth Hands-Free connectivity feature. This will allow your phone to be connected with the Camry’s dashboard instruments, synching your music, GPS, and other car-related functions you can find on your phone.

These are just some of the things about Toyota Motors generally overlooked by the public and car enthusiasts alike. Hopefully, this new knowledge might help you appreciate the car marquee in levels you’ve never reached before.

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