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Environmentally Friendly Reminders for You and Your Toyota Wigo in the Philippines

By maigne on March 13th, 2018

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What are some great tips to help make your vehicle be eco-friendlier?

  1. Driving responsibly
  2. Avoid using air conditioning
  3. Lessen your car load’s weight
  4. Get regular car servicing
  5. Exercise performance maintenance


With International Earth Day on its way, it’s important to remember that the environment is something that we should take care of. Contributing in our own little ways can make all the difference. Whether you are driving a large van or a compact vehicle like the Toyota Wigo here in the Philippines, there are some general guidelines that you can follow.

Here are some major tips for making your vehicle more environmentally friendly:


Driving Responsibly

Whatever condition your vehicle is in, the way you operate it on the road can make all the difference. Being too aggressive on the gas pedal and acceleration means burning more fuel and contributing to harming the environment. Practice driving at appropriate rates – follow speed limits. Not only will you save on fuel; you’ll also be helping the environment.


Less Air Conditioning

Studies show that driving with the air conditioner on increases fuel consumption by about 21%. The most common piece of advice that you need to follow is to save as much fuel as you can. Keep the air conditioner low or off as much as possible.


Drive with a Lighter Load

Driving with heavier loads requires that your car burn more fuel. Make sure that when you travel on the road, you only have in your car the absolute necessary loads. It’s also good to carpool but you must avoid carrying more passengers than can fit comfortably in your car!


Regular Car Servicing

When it comes to regular car servicing, make sure that you always follow your vehicle’s scheduled tune-ups. This increases longevity and fuel-economy –overall improving your vehicles reliability. The oil of your car’s engine should be changed every 5,000 miles. Not being on top of changing your car’s oil definitely leads to long-term damages in terms of the engine’s inner workings.

Finally, make it a point to always check your car’s emission systems. The emission systems decrease the exhaust fumes. If you do not make sure that your car’s emission systems are working well, you would be damaging your car as well as doing direct harm to your surroundings.


The Importance of Maintenance

Always make sure that you yourself regularly check the state of your own vehicle. Some basics steps like checking the engine’s performance, checking tire inflation, checking air filters, regularly changing the oil, etc. can help you immediately identify any apparent issues that need addressing.

These basic routinely measures assure that your vehicle is in the best possible running condition, and in turn, prevents the further spread of pollution towards the environment.


Key Takeaway

The Toyota Wigo here in the Philippines is a practical car that can encapsulate the spirit of International Earth Day, if maintained to the highest level of performance. With the different Toyota Wigo promos here in the Philippines, it is definitely an ideal car for those looking to have a great start in the journey of responsible and eco-friendly car ownership.



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