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Essential Smartphone Applications You Need When Driving

By maigne on July 9th, 2019


What are the most important apps you need on your phone when driving?

  1. Waze
  2. Spotify
  3. MMDA App
  4. Motolite Res-Q App


If you own a Toyota Innova in the Philippines and you’re planning to have a long drive or you’re simply commuting to work, you will need apps to help you navigate the area or give you alternate routes. These apps can be used in emergency situations as well. More people are using mobile data nowadays because of its convenience for not only gaming but also social media and news. For safe and enjoyable driving, here are the apps you need to install on your phone as soon as possible.




Waze is a community-based navigation app available for both iOS and Android phones. While you’re driving you can share real-time data about traffic, accidents, speed limits, speed traps, and other information that can be helpful to other users using the app. It also redirects you to a faster route if needed. You can even customize and download various navigation voices that come in a variety of languages for a fully customized navigation experience. This app is also preferred by many transport network vehicle services because of the simple operation and integration of their respective apps.




Spotify is still the number one option when it comes to streaming music on the go. You can opt for a premium subscription which eliminates ads and gives you more freedom in the app. You can create collaborative playlists with your friends and share them with other users. This also gives you a chance to explore podcasts that offer a variety of topics if you’re more interested in podcasts. Spotify’s library has over 20 million songs, audiobooks, radio dramas, poetry, and speeches. Spotify also offers discounted premium subscriptions for families and students, which is a great way to access all your favorite songs on the road without spending too much money.




The Metro Manila Development Authority has developed an app to make driving and navigating much easier for various users. You can monitor the traffic situation through a map or line view. You can also get updates from MMDA about any disruptions or accidents that can affect your time on the road. Most importantly, you can share and file a report directly to the MMDA’s Twitter account. The app was developed by the UP Information Technology Development Center and MMDA for the convenience of Metro Manila residents.


Motolite Res-Q App

Motolite Res-Q App

If you’ve ever had your car discharged during the day or an emergency that requires you to get your battery immediately replaced, you need to download the Motolite Res-Q app. Motolite has heard the call on social media and developed an app that can solve a variety of problems usually encountered by everyday motorists. Downloading this app can give you a piece of mind on the road during any emergencies. If you don’t have this on your phone, you should get it as soon as possible.


Key Takeaway


Driving your Toyota Innova in the Philippines with your friends and family is always an adventure. The comfortable interior and the robust engine make it one of the most intuitive vehicles you’ll ever drive. However, you’ll need some apps on your phone so that you’ll be safe and entertained throughout your day. Check out these applications if you haven’t already.

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