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Your Brief Guide on Fascinating Facts About Toyota

By maigne on October 18th, 2018

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What are some fascinating facts about Toyota?

  1. Originally Toyoda loom works
  2. Reinventing the name
  3. Leading environmentally-friendly brand
  4. Equipped with the best new technologies
  5. Old Toyota cars are still on the road


There’s no doubt that in countries like the Philippines, Toyota Motors is one of the most revered names in the auto industry. However, the high-quality Toyota Cars for Sale that they offer were not made in a day. There is a rich background to the success of the Toyota name today. It’s nice to look back on these interesting facts because this will enlighten you on the rich history of this premier auto company. More than being a household name in supplying quality-led vehicles, the story behind the name is important because you can see how it came to be the successful brand it is now.


For most people in the Philippines, Toyota Motors is equivalent to many memories on the road courtesy of the various models of the brand. This is your brief guide on the fascinating facts that make up Toyota. See more of them below!


Originally Toyoda Loom Works

Before venturing into the auto manufacturing business, Toyota started as a production plant for sewing machines. The brainchild of Sakichi Toyoda, the company initially made its name as Toyoda Automatic Loom Works Ltd. The brand gained worldwide recognition when they started their transition and established the division for automobile manufacturing in 1933. Led by Mr. Sakichi Toyoda’s son, Kiichiro Toyoda, the first vehicles were introduced to the public in the year 1935 which were called the A1 Models.  


Reinventing the Name

Reinventing the name

It was the simple name of the brand that showed the humility that the company possesses in whichever country it is established on. There was a superstition involved in the decision of reinventing the name because the Japanese had believed that the original name is not as lucky as the present name. In Japanese writing, 8 brush strokes are considered to be lucky which is why the company went from being known as Toyoda to Toyota.


Leading Environmentally-Friendly Brand

In 2017, Newsweek named Toyota as the World’s Greenest Automaker. This is can be considered as the result of all the efforts that Toyota has made as they champion green initiatives in the production of their vehicles. Aside from being Japan’s Best Global Brand, they are crowned as the leading Global Green Brand which is a testament to how much Toyota cares for the environment. Not only are pushing to be the best in their field, but they also include much effort for their sustainable initiatives.


Equipped with the Best, New Technologies

Equipped with the best new technologies

From its foundation day on September 1, 1933, to the present day, Toyota aims to outmatch itself with every car they produce. They achieved a brand-new milestone to add their growing list of achievements back in 2016 when Toyota became the first auto manufacturer to come up with a commercial hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle.


With a large sum of their budget going into their Research and Development department, it is no surprise that they are constantly coming up with the best new technologies for the Toyota cars for sale. Fuel cell technology has been Toyota’s vision for over 20 years now, and they are taking strides into the success of this goal with their creation of the first fuel cell stack in their vehicles.


Old Toyota Cars are Still on the Road

If you are planning on owning a Toyota car, you should expect durability at its finest. There are loyal Toyota patrons who claim that Toyota cars can run forever, and with the performance that the company gives to its consumers, this is not just a mere exaggeration. This can be backed by the fact that old Toyota cars still gracing the roads and competing in terms of their performance. This is the reason why Toyota is well-loved by many people across the world. When Toyota promises durability, you are sure to receive it.


Key Takeaway

Toyota is famous for their top-level vehicles, but they also gained quite a following because of the rich history associated with their brand. The facts presented in this list does not even begin to scratch the surface of their engaging story but these basics encompass the values and the commitment that Toyota aims to deliver to people. This is enough to motivate anyone owning a Toyota car as these are all proof that the company will constantly deliver high-quality products and services to consumers.

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