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4 Films That Push Cars to Its Limit

By maigne on May 29th, 2019


What are films that push cars to their limit?

  1. Fast & the Furious Franchise
  2. Transformers Franchise
  3. Mad Max
  4. Baby Driver

Films push the limits of its audience’s imagination. To do so, filmmakers give the people a glimpse of parts of their everyday lives but multiply that experience into its extremes. These can be seen in terms of how films make use of a staple in households, such as the ever reliable car.

Imagine what would happen if the car that you got from Toyota Motors Philippines was used in a high-speed chase on a large freeway. Or if a Toyota Fortuner for sale in the Philippines suddenly came to life and vowed to protect you.

Read on to know more about films that push cars to its limit.

Fast & the Furious Franchise

Driving fast
The Fast & the Furious franchise consists of 8 films that focus on the themes of street racing and heists. The characters of the film are experts in not just driving cars, but also in terms of adding enhancements to further push the capabilities of their vehicles. After which, they use their new and improved machinery for illegal street races and to pull off big heists. Besides vehicle enhancements, some filmmakers push the limitations of your imagination in terms of how you see cars as a whole.

Transformers Franchise

The characters in the Transformer movies are an alien race that can disguise themselves in the form of any mechanical object they may come across. Majority of the main characters choose to take on the exterior of vehicles that range from trucks to sentient sports utility vehicles. Just like any action film, there are good machines (Autobots) versus bad machines (Decepticons). The battle ensues both on the road and as their robotic humanoid forms. The battle of good and evil also lasts through to the end of the world, as will be shown by the next film on this list.

Mad Max

Rusted Car
Mad Max is set in a post-apocalyptic desert called the Wasteland. The effects of the apocalyptic event that wiped out the majority of the population also have disastrous consequences in terms of the ability for women to conceive. A female warrior leads the escape of five forced wives of a tyrannical warlord along with a loner captive named Max. To get around the desert and capture more survivors, henchmen use cars converted into monster truck-like creations. A high-speed chase through the Wasteland ensues after the woman, along with Max and the five wives, escape in one of the War Rigs. The chaos of car battles in Mad Max also has a counterpart car chase movie that plans everything down to the last second.

Baby Driver

The film baby driver is a combination of three things: bank heists, car getaways, and music. The main character, named Baby, is an extremely talented getaway driver for a criminal mastermind. To prepare for heists, Baby creates a playlist and plans his every single move around each beat. The film’s fast-paced cuts and long takes really make you feel that you are driving right alongside him. It also includes high-speed chases between Baby and multiple law enforcement officers as he tries to get the bank-robbing henchmen to safety.

These are just some of the films that feature fun adventures with cars.

Key Takeaway

Films are the perfect playground to push your imagination to its extremes. It can introduce you to new topics and possibilities that you could never have even dreamt of, such as what would happen to your vehicle from Toyota Motors Philippines in the case of an apocalypse. Or how well a Toyota Fortuner for sale in the Philippines would do if it was used to pull off bank heists.

Keep your eyes on the lookout for the next blockbuster hits that will push cars to its limits!

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