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Are Flying Cars Possible? Toyota Hints

By maigne on October 30th, 2017

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What can Flying Cars do?

  1. They can change the face of the transportation industry
  2. They can offer a lot more convenience


Cars flying around in the Philippines is definitely something for the distant future. Nowadays, car like the Toyota Wigo in the Philippines can and have been receiving a lot of upgrades to get them one step closer to the future. With that said, are flying cars really possible?

Seeing as Toyota is already working on a prototype and plans to debut a flying car by 2020, absolutely. It certainly would be a game changer in the dynamics of transportation. Once it makes it’s debut in Japan and around the world, it’s only a matter of time before there are flying cars in the Philippines


Flying Cars Can Change the Face of Transportation

It’s undeniable that flying cars among the most innovative things to ever enter the human mind. With all that in store, the future isn’t far from reaching new heights.

Toyota has proudly showcased a lot of spectacular models in numerous car shows over the years, but their latest project will likely steal the show. Imagine a flying car among the showcase? Now that would be stellar!

At the moment, the people in the Philippines regularly have to face hours of heavy traffic or throngs of people in trains and other public transportation. Flying cars will greatly reduce that. Gone will be the long, rush hour traffic, and numerous other vehicular inconveniences as all you will need to do is fly over the massive sea of cars. Truly, this is something you wouldn’t want to miss in your lifetime.


A first look at Toyota’s working prototype. Image from Business Insider


Flying Cars Can Offer a Lot More Convenience

Though having a Toyota Wigo in the Philippines as a flying car is something that everyone would want, there’s so much more to take note of other than being flashy with the car you have. Flying cars can offer a lot more convenience than regular cars, especially in comfort. All you would need to do is start it up and fly to wherever you would want to go.

Despite that, having some form of difficulty is unavoidable. Runways for these kinds of cars can be difficult to find. We can also expect that policies surrounding vehicles such as licensing and registering will be difficult. Nonetheless, it’s no argument that being able to operate a flying car of your own will bring you a lot of time, comfort, and convenience in travelling.


Key Takeaway

When it comes to the future, it’s up to us to make it into a reality; and with the flying car industry not too far behind, we certainly can!

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