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Toyota Fortuner Philippines: The Best SUV in Class

By maigne on February 17th, 2019


What are the features of the Toyota Fortuner that makes it the best SUV?

  1. Style
  2. Interior
  3. Engine
  4. Handling


There’s no automobile better suited for the harsh road conditions of the Philippines than the Toyota Fortuner. For a long time, the Toyota Vios was the best-selling car in the country. But in 2017, the popular compact sedan was dethroned by another of Toyota’s best. The Toyota Fortuner.

Sales of brand new Toyota cars in the Philippines reached jaw-dropping numbers, with the mid-sized sports-utility vehicle on top, out selling the long-time top seller, the Toyota Vios by a staggering 15,516 units in 2017 from January to August. What makes this car so great? And how did it manage to capture the hearts of many Filipino motorists? Here’s why:



When you think about an SUV, you can quickly imagine a hulking testosterone-filled 7-seater design made to handle the toughest of terrain. They must be big and manly. Well, that’s not the case with the new Toyota Fortuner. It’s not brutish; it’s sleek and sexy.



The lines of the Fortuner are smooth and sharp, made to attract every customer. Its modern look gives off a very luxurious accent. It has the right levels of handsome and pretty. A bold front end, tall stance, sleek profile, and large stylish wheels. Its design alone can be a reason for its high sales. Nothing else on the mid-sized SUV market looks this good.




What’s the use of a great looking exterior if the interior doesn’t match its looks? The moment you take a seat inside the new Toyota Fortuner, you can instantaneously feel how well this vehicle is made. Interior accents aren’t tacky. The tasteful combination of leather, faux wood, and chrome bring out a lush feel. It’s like sitting inside the cockpit of a vehicle that’s way ahead of its time. Its edge over the competition is how much leg room every passenger has. When you talk about cabin space, the new Toyota Fortuner is out of everyone’s league.



This has got to be one of the best powertrains in the market for mid-sized SUVs. In terms of price and outright engine specifications, the new Toyota Fortuner is unmatched. Depending on the trim levels, this SUV has three available engine options; the 2.4 liter turbo diesel putting out 147 horsepower at 400 newton meters of torque, the 2.7 liter petrol engine with 163 horsepower at 245 newton meters of torque, and the 2.8 liter turbo diesel which makes a staggering 174 horsepower at 450 newton meters of torque.



Pair any of these powertrains with the six-speed automatic transmission which is available in 4×2 or 4×4 of Toyota and you’ve got one of the best powertrain and drivetrain combinations out there.



Even with the harsh road conditions of the Philippines, the Toyota Fortuner handles like it’s always on its toes. It’s ride feels much more like you’re driving a saloon instead of a lumbering vehicle. It’s riding comfort is pleasant. It can even handle some tough off-road terrain much like a thorough bred.


Key Takeaway

Brand new Toyota cars for sale in the Philippines are regarded as one the greatest cars in the country. There’s a clear reasons the new Toyota Fortuner is selling like hotcakes. It’s the complete package. There’s nothing else in the market that can beat its value for money. With impressive styling, a great engine, and wonderful handling, everyone knows why the brand new Toyota Fortuner is an all-time favorite for motorists.

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