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Getting Into The Car Craze

By marian on March 16th, 2016



There are many pleasures a person may partake in during the span of their life. It could be food, art or even music but rarely can a passion bring so many people together and bond them to be like a family than cars. Yup. Cars. It isn’t necessary to own a really expensive vehicle to join the car craze (but owning a Toyota Fortuner in the Philippines is definitely something to write home about) and even owning a non-European supercar could get you in with the right people.

The Good Things

The world of car enthusiasm is separated into many different categories with their own dedicated fan bases. Whether you like the legendary box-type or even dedicate yourself to Toyota’s everyman car the Vios, there will always be a group of car enthusiasts waiting to welcome you.

A simple happening in a car group could involve parking your sweet rides in a nifty parking lot just to hang out or even going out to enjoy the outdoors like a regular org would. It’s fun to do anything if it’s done with people of similar interests; this is the bond between car loves that sets them apart.

Expensive as a Hobby?

Sure, decking out your car with sweet custom body kits and the like will make not only your ride cooler, it will also make you cooler – at least with other car enthusiasts, but this isn’t really a factor in enjoying the hobby that is loving cars. In fact, it isn’t really a prerequisite to own a custom-built car to join a car group unless that’s what the car group is all about anyway.

The main thing about loving cars is simply spending the minimum amount that is necessary to keep your car running safely and looking decent at the same time. That’s the thing about having a passion as a hobby, no one will chide you about your ride as long as you keep it well maintained and that you follow and respect the rules of the road.

Where to start looking

It’s hard not to notice car clubs especially during their meet-ups as it is rare to find a lot of cars parked together with people happily chatting and hanging out near them. If you really don’t know where to look, a simple search of the term “Car Club Philippines” should turn up quite a few reputable groups. Another way to find car groups is by looking for them on the various social network services available. It is rare nowadays to not have a dedicated group page for hobbies, especially for cars. However, the best way of getting into one, is by having a friend who is a member of a car club recommend and accompany you to one of their meetings.

Getting into the car craze is one of the purer pursuits in life. There are no politics involved and the people are generally fun to be around and that is the best part about this passion without prejudice.

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