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4 Great Car Hacks When Driving in Metro Manila

By Vic on January 15th, 2016

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If you think driving your Toyota Vios in the Philippines is already exhausting, try driving it in the streets of Metro Manila. If you don’t know by now, the roads of Metro Manila are famous for mostly wrong reasons. Some areas are infested with vendors, some paths are too narrow, and you’ll likely come across plenty of inconsiderate drivers there.

Despite this, thousands of Filipinos still brave the streets of Manila. This is not unusual, especially since most big corporations have established their bases in the Metro. Besides, it could be fun – daunting, but mostly exciting. If you are one of the brave thousands, here are some car hacks that you should remember when driving the highways of Manila.


Use Signal Lights

If you went to driving school, then you know that one of the basics of driving is using signal lights. This basic driving rule is even more important when you’re driving in Metro Manila. There, you’ll find plenty of drivers who disregard traffic lights and speed limits. You’ll be surprised but following a rule as simple as using signal lights properly can help avoid accidents. Don’t use it 2 seconds before or while you are taking a turn though, instead, make a signal 10 to 15 second prior to making a turn.


Don’t Disregard Tail Lights

When driving, you are supposed to check the tail lights of the car in front so you know when you are supposed to press the break. By disregarding the tail lights of the car in front of you, you are asking for trouble. This means that for your sake – and for the sake of everyone around you – pay attention when driving. You can’t afford to be absent-minded especially because doing so can cost you your life or the life of the people around you.


Let Motorcycles Pass

Motorcycles can be annoying since they have a tendency to sneak on you when driving. Despite this, you have to accept that like the existence of irresponsible jeepney drivers, they are very much a big part of Metro Manila. Since you can’t control them and the way their drive, you have to make adjustments on your driving. Practice patience when you are on the road and instead of trying to outdo those motorcycle drivers, just let them pass. After all, despite how other drivers might act around you, Metro Manila is actually not a racetrack.


Leave Space Big Enough for a Car

Driving in Metro Manila can be exciting because you’ll meet different types of drivers. One type of driver you’ll come across is public transportation drivers who loves to stop abruptly in the middle of the road. One moment, he’s driving that big bus or jeepney, then without notifying you, he parks in the middle of the highway to pick up commuters. Keeping plenty of space between you and these drivers is advisable so you’ll have enough time to hit the brakes or maneuver and overtake them.


Driving your Toyota car around Metro Manila can be stressful. Take note of the car hacks above to avoid accidents and to make driving around this concrete jungle a little bit easier. Above all, remember to focus on safety, not on speed.



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