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Is the Hatchback the Car for You?

By marian on January 19th, 2017



Purchasing a car comes with many incredibly difficult decisions. Should it be brand new or pre-loved? Diesel or gas engine? Should you buy a sports car, or something more practical? It gets even more complicated if you’re an inexperienced car owner, and this is your first time to purchase your own car.

One popular choice for a first car is a hatchback like the Toyota Wigo in the Philippines. They are seen as very practical and fits most lifestyles. Here are a few reasons they might be the car you’re looking for.


Perfect for Beginner Drivers

Beginner drivers in the country and across the world have found that hatchbacks are easy to drive. This is because they are smaller and tend to be more compact compared to larger vehicles like the sedan. They also make the most difficult of actions such as parallel parking really simple. Drivers are able to clearly see the front and back ends of the car, which means that they do not have to rely on guesswork to complete the task.

Easy to Manoeuvre

Hatchbacks are quite easy to navigate and manoeuvre, and they can effortlessly fit in smaller spaces of garages and parking lots. Protruding boots and large bonnets are not going to be a problem with a hatchback!

Cost Efficient

The cost of petrol keeps increasing, making it hard for some to maintain and own a car. Sadly, budgeting wages has become increasingly difficult for many of us and can’t keep up with the inflation.

Sedans and other, bigger vehicles are not easy on the budget as they are less fuel efficient. Hatchbacks have a lighter and smaller engine that uses up less fuel. It does not mean though that they are less powerful! In fact, they can be just as powerful as a sedan. In addition, the price for smaller vehicles like hatchbacks are generally lower compared to saloons and sedans.

Storage and Space

Storage and space are another factors you need to consider whenever you are choosing a vehicle – regardless of whether it is your first or fifth time to purchase a car. It should by all means suit your lifestyle, especially if you often go on road trips or deliver things. A hatchback can easily haul your stuff for you, including bulky things like your bike. This type of vehicle is great if you are looking for a vehicle which has a lot of space without compromising its cost efficiency.


Each person has their own dream car. This means that it really comes down on what you want your (first) car to look like. But if you are looking for something easy on the eyes, sleek, curvy, and small, then the hatchback is the car you are looking for.


These are just some of the main reasons why a hatchback is worth having. Don’t forget to ask around to get other opinions and suggestions for you getting your first car! Take everything with a grain of salt and make sure that the final decision was made by you and you alone – except of course if there’s going to be a co-owner, in which case feel free to share this article with them!


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