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Hatchback vs. Sedan: Which one should you get?

By maigne on December 5th, 2019


What should you look for in a hatchback or sedan?

  1. Price
  2. Fuel Efficiency
  3. Interior and Cargo Space


The car market has become increasingly more varied over the past few years. With more models and vehicle types to choose from, buyers now have more freedom to choose the ideal vehicle that would suit their needs. From SUVs, family vans, MPVs, hatchbacks and sedans, the market is full of quality choices that provide great value for your money.


Should you get a hatchback or sedan?

This article will focus on the latter two vehicle types. Hatchbacks and sedans have become some of the most popular choices in the market, as they are seen as some of the more versatile and reliable car models around.

For first-time car buyers, choosing between these two types can be challenging. Both types offer their own set of advantages and features that make them stand out. To help you out with making the decision, here are some of the factors that you should consider when choosing between a hatchback and a sedan.



Sale agent giving Car key to customer

Both hatchbacks and sedans are some of the most affordable car choices around. This is why they are preferred by many families and first-time buyers alike, as these vehicles would fit right in their budget.

Between the two, sedans are the most common vehicle type in the market, which means that they are move varied in terms of models and pricing options. Hatchbacks, on the other hand, while not as prevalent, have models priced much cheaper compared to some sedan models.

When it comes to choosing which one you should get, sedans have more well-rounded pricing options that offer great variety for first-time buyers. However, if you are looking for a more budget-friendly option, getting a hatchback might be something that you would prefer.


Fuel Efficiency

Aside from affordability, most car buyers also put fuel efficiency as an important requirement. Having great mileage allows you to drive for much longer distances, and helps you save more fuel in the process. Luckily, both sedans and hatchbacks have models that are powered by engines that offer good mileage.

Hatchbacks tend to be smaller in size as well, which means that they spend less fuel compared to sedans. Sedans, however, have smooth and aerodynamic designs that maximize fuel use and overall performance. Fuel efficiency is an important deciding factor. It is best to test them out to see which one provides the performance that you are looking for.


Interior and Cargo Space

man loading boxes in trunk of car

Space is also another factor to consider when buying a car. You want to have good cargo capacity or the right amount of seating space for your friends and family. If you are looking for a vehicle that has good cargo space, hatchbacks are the better option. If you are looking for a vehicle that allows you to carry more passengers, sedans offer better passenger capacity.


Key Takeaway

Hatchbacks and sedans have become popular staples of the car market. These are vehicles that have the right balance of good mileage, capacity, and affordability. By taking into consideration these factors, you would be able to find the right car that would suit your needs.

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