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The History of the Toyota Innova in the Philippines

By maigne on July 23rd, 2018


What are the key dates for the History of Toyota Innova in the Philippines?

  1. Toyota Innova Launched in 2005
  2. Innova in 2012: Stepping Up the Game
  3. Re-Vamped Toyota Innova: A Modern Player in 2018


In the hustle and bustle of city life in the Philippines, the Toyota Innova is bound to catch your eye not only because of the sheer number of the vehicle in the country but because of its sleek and bold design. With a lot of selections for vehicles in the market, Filipinos still go for the Toyota Innova because of its efficiency and durability.

Ever wondered how its humble beginning led to its success today? Then this brief history of Toyota Innova in the Philippines will answer all your questions about why it became one of the most beloved cars in the country today.

 Toyota Innova 2005


Toyota Innova Launched in 2005

Produced as a replacement for the Toyota Revo, the first batch of Innovas had the 2.5 diesel engine and boasts an unparalleled ease of maintenance feature. It shared a resemblance with the prior established Toyota MPVs and minivans, namely the 2004-2009 Toyota Sienna and Wish.

The automobile industry encountered a surprise when it replaced the best-selling Revo but since then, it has become a favorite of Filipino families. Its utility seats made for efficient space and the comfort it provided for both driver and passengers. The Innova is a long-aided testament to style and mobility, and it has become the affordable package that fits every Pinoy lifestyle. The interior was an upgrade from the Revo with more curves and amenities than the previous model.

Considered as the country’s best-selling commercial vehicle, its success because of its multipurpose features have captured the heart of consumers and it has since then been critically acclaimed. Its value for money and reliable functionality is the reason why it has been the go-to vehicle for everyman here in the country.


Innova in 2012: Stepping Up the Game

The year 2012 saw the Toyota Innova with its bolder face and this brings it in line with more upscale models. 7 years later, it is still the leader in the MPV/AUV segment and it delivers for the demand of those who are looking for a quality vehicle.

The exterior has been thoroughly updated with its new profile, new headlamps, grills, and bumper with the side profile remaining the same. The rear end of the vehicle was also updated with new, clearer taillights and a newer chrome garnish.

As for the interior, the new dashboard design incorporates the old one with a new look and feel. Its new trim bits and other pieces include an in-dash stereo system with USB connection for the higher variants. The G and V variants have a fully automatic climate control system, while E and J variants get a manual dual air conditioning system with updated dials and controls.

Its engine is packed with a 2.5-liter D-4D turbodiesel engine with 102 horsepower and 260 Newton Meters for the Automatic Transmission and 200 Newton-meters for the Manual Transmission. It also came in a new range of colors which are Light Blue Metallic, Red Mica Metallic, and White Pearl.

Toyota Innova 2018


Re-Vamped Toyota Innova: A Modern Player in 2018

The newest Toyota Innova has a sleeker look which banks on the previous design but with a more dynamic feel. It has a more aggressive nose and sharper body lines which contributes to its prime appearance. It has an upgraded interior which features a great instrument panel.

It has a five-speed manual transmission or a six-speed automatic powered by a diesel motor for some variants. This improves the affordability function of the Innova combined with its feature-packed design. The Toyota Innova 2018 model has a full set of powerful features with a steering column equipped with height and reach adjustment. It also has an auto climate control, a lockable damped glove box, a leather-wrapped tiller, a soft-touch console lid, and you can be nestled in its very comfortable seats.

Safety is also not a problem because the Innovas all come with standard dual-airbags and the top-of-the-line model also has Electronic Stability Control which is an essential improvement over the previous generation models.


Key Takeaway

Regardless of which model you get for your garage, the history of Toyota Innova in the Philippines provides you with the knowledge that you need to see how much it has evolved throughout the years.

With its transition from its starting point to the upgrades of the present, nothing has changed. It is still the most worthwhile investment you can get as a family vehicle and one that you will treasure for years to come.

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