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How to Avoid the Halloween Rush

By maigne on October 25th, 2017

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How to Avoid the Halloween Rush

How can I Avoid the Halloween Rush?

  1. Drive before Halloween
  2. Avoid major routes
  3. Drive at certain times
  4. Follow traffic rules
  5. Stay at home


People look forward to Halloween not just for the special non-working holidays when you can spend time with the family. It’s a great time to bond by watching horror movies or playing horror games, and it’s the one time of the year you’re free to dress up as whatever wacky or creepy thing or creature that comes to mind. For the kids, there’s also trick or treating to look forward to. However, like any other special occasion, getting stuck in the heavy manila traffic when driving your Toyota Wigo in the Philippines is one of the worst things to ever happen. After all, this is also the time when people travel from the metro to their respective provinces to visit their loved ones.

With that said, it’s best to avoid the rush, especially when it comes to this particular occasion. Here are some of the best ways to avoid getting your Philippine Toyota Wigo stuck in the heavy manila traffic during this year’s Halloween rush.



Do Your Driving Before Halloween


With that said, one of the best ways to avoid the manila traffic rush in Halloween is to drive before the actual holiday arrives. Take your vacation leaves a couple of days early if you have to. That way, you’ll have more than enough time to prepare for this special occasion.


Avoid Major Routes as Much as Possible


In the Philippines, Toyota Wigos and others of the sort will definitely pile on the roads during occasions like this, especially on major routes such as Skyway, C5, SLEX, and many more. If you’re hoping to get to the nearest Halloween party as quick as you can, it’s best to avoid any major routes around the metro. Schedule sleepovers if you must – you’ll be able to enjoy more of Halloween with no delay.


Time Driving


If you’ve been driving for quite a while now you probably already have an idea of when heavy traffic occurs. Use that knowledge wisely and only get out on the road at specific times when there aren’t too many cars or people on the road. Your life will be much simpler that way.


Follow Traffic Rules and Regulations


It’s the time of the year when kids and kids at heart roam around the streets in various creepy clothing. Some of them might cause quite a shock if initially gone unnoticed. It’s important to consider the safety of pedestrians, as well as the convenience you deserve while driving. Practicing safe driving is extremely vital now more than ever to avoid any mishaps. Make sure you’re alert while driving at all times!


Stay Home for Halloween


When all else comes to a halt in Halloween, staying home and having fun with your friends and family is one of your best bets on this occasion. As previously mentioned in this article, all you really need to do is grab a few scary movies and games, buy some food, and spend the holidays with the people nearest and dearest to your heart. 


Key Takeaway

Halloween is one of the most awaited occasions, but it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to get out of the house at all. When it comes to heavy holiday traffic and avoiding it, consider these five tips.

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