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How to be a Great Driver

By maigne on July 30th, 2017

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What does it take to be a good driver?

  1. Being considerate to others
  2. Adjusting your mirrors
  3. Knowing when you can’t drive
  4. Following all street rules
  5. Focusing on the road


Ever been a victim of road rage? Even if you’re driving a Toyota Vios in the Philippines, there will be times when heavy traffic or other drivers will frustrate you. No matter what the situation may be, everyone can be a good driver on their own terms. After all, submitting to road rage won’t make you a better person will it? All it will bring is headache! If you’re wondering how to stop bad driving habits and start being a good driver, here are a few tips.


Be Considerate

Everyone has somewhere to be. Nothing makes your time and appointments more important than anyone else’s. This is why it’s important to respect all walks of life on the road – give way to pedestrians, never stop at pedestrian lanes. You don’t always have to give way to drivers, but never cut anyone off. If someone does it to you, don’t let anger get the best of you. Their action is a reflection of who they are, there’s no reason you should be dragged down with them. Or maybe there was an actual emergency, who knows? Either way, being considerate helps avoid casualties while you’re behind the wheel.

Adjust your Mirrors

This is one of the first things they teach you when you’re learning how to drive for the first time and this is one of the lessons that should stick with you as time goes by. By making sure the mirrors are properly adjusted each time you sit on the driver’s seat, you’ll be able to observe your own safety from all sides of your vehicle, further decreasing the chances of an accident.

Know Which State is Best to Drive in

This simply means that when you’re sound of mind and physically capable, you’ll be able to become an even better driver. Drowsiness, inebriation, and stress are just some of the factors that hinder your progress to better driving so, as much as possible, take the necessary steps to avoid this. If you’re feeling drowsy, stop for a while and take a much-needed break or find a way to stay awake; if you’re feeling stressed, take some time to relax and listen to some music or have a burger; and most especially, if you’re at any form too inebriated, stay off the wheel and call a friend or a riding app. If you need to be on the phone while driving, do everyone a favour and stop the car rather than drive distracted.

Follow all Street Rules

Following this rule itself can have a very positive impact on your skills as a driver. It shows that not only do you know your way around the road, but you care for other people around you and the law as well.

Focus on the Road

Above all else, focus on the road. This act speaks for itself as when you stay focused on the road and your other surroundings, you’ll be able to think on your feet and get to your destination without any delay or disaster.


Key Takeaway

Being a good driver, no matter how you define them to be, can take a lot of patience and determination to do so. Nonetheless, being a good driver can benefit you and your passengers in many ways as not only will they surely tag along the ride, but the people around you will be as safe and sound as they come.

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