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How to Prepare Your Car for Resale

By marian on April 27th, 2017




Whatever your reason for wanting to sell your vehicle, it must be in as good a condition as it can be. That is, if you have any hopes of selling it at a reasonable price. Reselling your car entails a lot of time and effort, from keeping all parts in tip-top shape and cleaning the interior to gathering all necessary documents. In the Philippines, the Toyota Vios is one of the most popular cars that is easy to sell whether it be brand new or pre-loved.

Whatever model your vehicle is, chances are high that there’s someone out there willing to take it off your hands. Increase these chances and the value of your car by doing the following:


Clean it inside out

This is a crucial phase in the whole process. Cleaning your car is very important if you want to resell it at a good price. Start off by removing all personal belongings still in the vehicle. Take out everything from the car’s glove compartment, trunk, to under the car seats. Afterwards you can have the car cleaned inside out at the car wash, or do it yourself.

In addition, look for scratches and dents on the car so you can have them repaired if possible. Even the tiniest scratch may lessen the value of your car and may turn off potential buyers. Make sure you have your car repaired at a professional and trusted automobile shop before putting it out in the market. 

Take good photos

When you are sure that your car is already spotless and flawless, it is then the perfect time to take pictures. Find a location where the background is simple so the focus is on the car. Take high quality pictures of both the interior and exterior of the vehicle in all flattering angles. Try to include a few ‘bad sides’ of the car along with the good so potential buyers will not find any disappointing surprise upon viewing it in person. Doing this will not only show honestly, but will also help build trust between you and potential buyers.

Gather important documents

Reselling your car means that you need to gather all of its service records. This is a way to show prospective buyers that your car is well managed and taken care of. Keep all the maintenance records and inspection reports on hand as well so your car has a proper paper trail when it is up for selling. If your vehicle has still a valid warranty, ask the manufacturer if it would be transferrable to the new owner.

Bring Back the Basics

Car manuals, handbooks, brochures, and other official and original documents relating to your car need to be handed over to the new owner as well. This includes other legal documents such as the title and pink slip, car registration, and insurance card.

Price Your Ride Right

Pricing the car is the final step as by then you should know the complete package and value of the car. A good place to start estimating is by comparing it with other pre-loved cars in the market and finding out how much they’re going for.

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